Fun Friday with Susan Ricci

7 Oct

As part of the ongoing Indie Writers Unite Blog Tour, my next guest is Susan Ricci. Instead of doing the usual—an interview—Susan gracefully agreed for a guest blog. Susan is really funny. I follow her posts on IWU and I find myself many times with a big smile on my face or burst out laughing.

Here’s mine, yours and ours, Susan Ricci:


To quote my host, Camelia Skiba, I’m honored to share this:  “It doesn’t matter where you come from.  It doesn’t matter where you go.  Love will always find its way to your heart.  Believe.”

Darn, this is a serious coincidence. Because this quotation summarizes my theme, regarding my humorous, self-help narrative, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems.

Is this book published?  Nope.  And I’m a bit embarrassed within the IWU group, because it seems EVERYBODY has publishing going on with Amazon, SmashWords, etc.  When I said on Facebook I felt like a small cog in the IWU wheel of fortune last night, I wasn’t kidding.

Read further (or backwards) on my host’s blog, September 25, 2011:  “Self Publishing–My Journey”, hers is another voice speaking the reality of today’s publishing world, and the arrow is pointing me in a direction I’m just beginning to understand.  For an oldie like me, I sometimes sit on the fence, absorbing both worlds: Traditional publishing or Indie, but only because I’m still learning. And, I’m not afraid to admit I’m not sure how to fly just yet, although I find more support on the IWU I’ve seen any where to date.  And I respect and feel a true affection for my peeps there.

Yesterday, I was in a real poor mood.  My auto, which I’d just made the final payment on, was hit in the middle of the night last week, tossed sideways on my lawn, and pronounced totaled by the insurance folks.  I sprained my wrist, my computer got hacked, and I was having a real bitch-fest with myself.  Until I saw the sad news about Steve Jobs, who passed away from Pancreatic cancer.

Made me count my blessings, in a real big hurry.  I have my health.  I have my kids and my hubby, so what else is there, really?  Love found a way to my heart.  Maybe it was a bit late in life, but it showed up eventually.  Refer to my blog post via, from September, Terrific Number Three.  Everything good that’s ever happened to me, happened to me in threes.

I’ve enjoyed a great writer’s life for many years, this I can share with absolute certainty.  My first submission into the writing arena was when I submitted my neighborhood newspaper, The Hill Weekly, to President John F. Kennedy when I was 10, and I received autographed photos of he and his family, with a hand written thanks for sharing my work. (Probably worth a good deal of money on EBay, but I’m holding on to it).  I’m dating myself, I know, but so what?  It was the starting point of my career, and one I ‘m proud to share.  I’m published in magazines, have won several damn-decent writing awards, and made a name for myself in my local newspaper.  Now I just want to share my book, and I will.

I’ve been revising a contemporary novel, Slick Trespass, but it’s currently on the back burner, since I want to focus on my reality narrative.  I’m convinced my project may help others in similar situations, like what happened with me.  The Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems ‘fossils’ are about making your baggage work FOR you instead of souring your outlook on the future.  When you achieve my age, maybe you just want to help others, so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Today I tweeted this message:  “When life hands you a sour apple, throw the darn thing away and go savor a navel orange.”  I posted it because it made me feel better.  Hopefully, it made someone else think about their own junk in a better light.  For sure, I’m a lucky lady…

And, by the way, The light’s still on, at the end of the tunnel.

To find more about Susan visit her website at

or Twitter at http://Susanjeanricci/Susan Ricci

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