It Always Works Out …

12 Nov

This. Is. It. Finished. The End. Done with the last chapter in my second novel, a contemporary war romance titled “A World Apart”. Can’t describe what an emotional journey it was!

I feel drained, with nothing else to give, nothing else to add, but incredibly happy and at peace … I already miss my heroes, and can’t wait to see them for real, holding my book for the first time.

I’m not an American by birth, but by choice. It’s one of the best gifts the U.S. gave me, aside of an amazing family, career and endless opportunities. Yet I always felt I needed to give back to the nation that adopted me, to the people that fought, fight and will keep on fighting for our freedom, for our land.

When I began writing “A World Apart” I decided to dedicate my novel to all men and women in uniform, for their service and sacrifices so we, the ones left at home, have the freedom to raise our families and live in peace. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I didn’t plan this, but what better way to finish the novel than on 11/11/11, Veteran’s Day.

In the end, it always works out…

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