December–doesn’t hold enough days!

5 Dec

As you probably remember from previous posts my second novel “A World Apart” will be release on December 26th. Here is another page with the blurb, but starting today until the release day I will post interesting facts of turning “A World Apart” from a headline in a Romanian newspaper to a full-blown story.

December turns out to be very busy, not only because shopping needs to be done, but also because of so many events I signed up for. This coming Friday I’ll be joining my dear friend, the one and only Cindy C Bennett who will release officially her book “Geek Girl” in all bookstores across the States. I can’t wait to spend time with her and see the making of a star. I’m honored and excited she invited me to the launch party. Salt Lake City–here I come!

December 17th I’m invited to an art show and both my books will be making incredible Christmas gifts. I keep my fingers crossed “A World Apart” will be delivered in time. I will be giving out lots of bookmarks designed by Nikki Cassis, bookmarks that look fabulous.

December 15th through 25th I’m part of the Holiday Blog Hop. I can’t thank Cheryl Bradshaw enough who worked really hard to put together not only the site, but to gather all the information from not 1, not 2, not 10, but over 65 incredibly talented indie authors. The Holiday Hop is intended as a way of giving back to all readers, saying thank you for . There are LOTS of gifts for the winners, just hop from one author’s blog to the other and you’ll see what’s in store for you. Enter your contact info for the prizes, sit back, relax and wait for the bell to ring–Santa brought you a gift. Come back and check it out on December 15th.

December 26th I’ll take a short break to release “A World Apart”. Starting December 27th through December 31st I’m participating in “Best of 2011 Giveaway Hop“. At the time I signed up on for this event there were well over 89 blogs enrolled, all with interesting giveaways and awaiting for all of you to stop by and who knows, maybe you’re the lucky winner. Now there are 101 and counting.

As 2011 prepares for departure and 2012 ready for a (hopefully) safe landing I look at what I’ve accomplished, and what’s ahead of me. I feel blessed in so many ways, with a wonderful family, a career I’m in love each and every day, and not least, with you, dear reader, for giving my books a new home on your shelves, in your heart.

May the New Year bring to all of us the best of best!

Happy reading!

2 Responses to “December–doesn’t hold enough days!”

  1. Cindy C Bennett December 6, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    I will definitely give my endorsement that A World Apart will make a fabulous Christmas gift for the reader in your life! I’ve had the privelege of reading it already so I know what I’m talking about. Plus, I get to have Cami here in SLC with me, which means I get to hang with this talented author personally.

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