28 Jan

Final countdown to the book tour 🙂 ONLY 2 more days


I’m delighted to announce the virtual book tour for A World Apart is about to start in 5 days.

Please stop by at the blogs listed below for fun guest posts, interviews, reviews and giveaways:
Jan 30: Wordpaintings Unlimited (Giveaway/Review)
Jan 31: Sandra’s Blog (Giveaway/Guest Post)
Feb 1: She Who Blogs Behind The Rows (Giveaway/Guest Post)
Feb 2: Full Moon Bites (Giveaway/Interview)
Feb 3: Author Cindy C Bennett (Giveaway/Review)
Feb 4: Carly Fall (Giveaway/Guest Post)
Feb 5: Sapphyria’s Book Reviews (Giveaway)
Feb 6: Always a Booklover (Review/Giveaway)
Feb 7: Close Encounters with the Night Kind (Giveaway)
Feb 8: Natalie-Nicole Bates (Guest Post)
Feb 9: Coffee Beans & Love Scenes (Giveaway/Guest Post)
Feb 10: Guilty Indulgence (Guest Post)
Feb 11: Guilty Indulgence (Review)
Feb 12: House Millar (Giveaway/Interview)
Feb 13: Author In The House (Guest Post)
Feb 14: Mommies Point of View (Giveaway/Interview)
Feb 15: Good Family Reads (Giveaway/Review)
Feb 16:

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