Act of Valor = Courage

26 Feb

Taking a welcome break from my book tour, my son and I went to watch Act Of Valor. I looked forward to watching it the whole week and it did not disappoint me. It’s an inspiring movie, a glimpse into the world of the brave men and women giving their lives for our country.

According to the lady checking our tickets, only 4 other women came to see the movie. Was this a good or a bad sign? I jumped out of my seat several times. I squeezed my son’s arm until he hurt. I  threw a punch in the air rooting for the heroes accomplishing their missions. And yes, my heart bled in the face of tragedy and loss. To see active-duty Navy SEALs in the heat of the action, all for one and one for all it’s heartfelt and heartbreak at the same time. Real people for real events as well as the military lingo  made the movie authentic and credible.

I’m not going to go into details because words can’t encompass the incredible emotions this movie left me with. It wouldn’t do justice. But I recommend you bring a few tissues–you’ll need them.

Damn few.

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