New car drive to Full Moon Bites

29 Feb

My husband loves buying and selling cars. No, he’s not a sales person, but just loves it. He’s constantly checking the market and before I know there is another car sitting in my garage. From PT Cruiser (my less favorite) to Volkswagen, 4Runner, Jeep, Chevy, Ford or Mazda CX7 (my favorite) I drive all of them except the trucks. I lost track of them and for a while we even had a bet going on in our family–how long Chris will keep a car?

The longest we kept a car I believe is 9 months. The shortest… one day. He managed to break his own record (which was two weeks) just the other day when he bought a car only to turn around the next day and sell it.

So here I am, getting into my brand new Jetta (the 3rd or 4th we owned) and off I go to continue my chatting with Holly at Full Moon Bites. Holly was one of the first stops during my book tour, but I’m now back for another giveaway and interview.

Her site is one of my favorite for its mysterious, enchanting flavor. (Is this not beautiful?) Hop over for interesting reviews and giveaways.

Have fun!

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