Black cat means bad luck. Or not?

16 Mar

How much do you believe in superstitions? Black cat? Twitching eye? Friday, 13th? Back home in Romania we have loooots of superstitions and, despite the fact I’ve been in the States for over 8 years now, some of them still haunt me. I have to admit I used to believe in many more, in fact everything was a sign of some sort, warning me of something (bad) about to happen, leaving me exhausted for most of the time. I used to make myself sick believing in all of those signs, afraid if I’d stop, somehow I’d be punished. And then, there was the black magic entirely practiced by Gypsies, powerful and scary spells … Thank God I put an ocean between those superstitions and myself!

To see what superstitions I still believe in come over @ Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s where Melissa has me guest blogging.

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