Hidden Heart takes Sweden…by surprise!

10 Apr

I went to GoodReads this morning to check my inbox and saw I have another review from another reader, this time not for A World Apart, but for Hidden Heart. Throughout my book tour for A World Apart, I felt I neglected my other “baby” and needed to do something to nurture it … soon I’ll have a major giveaway on GoodReads.

Until then,  here is what Natalie thought of the book:

04/04 page 313   98.0% “I am all smiles right now. What a wonderful ending! Five stars! Skiba is officially now one of my new fav authors.”
04/04 page 203   64.0% “It is official, i LOVE this book!”
04/03 page 189   59.0% “so sad so sad…”
04/03 page 122   38.0% “Ohhhh, its so good…”
04/02 page 93   29.0% “Its gettin gooooood. Love skibas writing style..”
04/01 page 63   20.0% “Wow. Poor Tessa. I did not see that comimg.”
03/31 page 49   15.0% “So far it is pretty good..”

To read her review please click here.

What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you, Natalie!

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