BORN IN SIN Debuts on Amazon and B&N

30 May

This is it! BORN IN SIN no longer belongs to me, but  was officially released today May 30th 2013.  


To celebrate there are a few places you can stop by and enjoy the fun:

1. On Facebook for the virtual party starting at 8am AZ time.

2. At A Diary of a Book Addict for covers reveal for both books in the Dacian Legends Born In Vengeance and Born In Sin and a giveaway for both books.

3. At Rambling from A Chaotic Mind for a 4star review posted by Pam. She calls BORN IN SIN “An amazing story told entirely from Zyraxes point of view, which is unusual for a historical romance. I actually enjoyed the man’s view for a change as you get to see why he loves her and what he feels when he thinks she is lost to him.” For her full review go here.  

4. At TiffyFit’s Reading Corner for another excellent review and giveaway. Tiffany calls BORN IN SIN, “If you like books on early Roman times, focusing on the wars and skirmishes, seeing flashbacks to the time that was, and enjoy some really great bloody battle scenes, Dacian Legends is for you!” For her full review go here. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway while at her site. 

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