Happy in–Nag out

19 Jun

Let me tell you a secret: as an author you doubt yourself a lot. No matter how many books you’ve written, no matter if you are successful or not. Those voices in your head aren’t always only your imaginary friends that turn into amazing heroes wanting nothing more than to find a portal to the outer world and have their stories known to anyone willing to give them a chance. No. Along with those voices you hear a few nagging ones: “This wasn’t good enough.” “Write faster.” “Your rating dropped.” “Can’t you do better?” At times those voices are louder than of your heroes. And doubt spreads through your mind eventually leading to discouragement when all you want is throw it all away. Yup, this was me for the past few days.

And then a little miracle happened. My assistant Tina received a message from Brandee Price  @ Bookworm Brandee who agreed a while back to read and review my Dacian Legends series BORN IN VENGEANCE and BORN IN SIN. Curious about her reviews I went to her site and read them. With each new sentence I read, a smile made it’s way to my face, at first shy then larger and larger. At times like this (when I smile with my whole face) I’m glad I have ears, otherwise my mouth would stretch all the way to the back of my head. Because that’s exactly what Brandee’s reviews did to me: made me smile with my whole being.

I recommend you stop by her blog not only for her reviews of my books but because she has some other really great reviews. Not sugarcoating, but insightful and clear.

I know the naggers will always be in my head. If is not my books they complain about it’s my weight, my wrinkles, my dark circles, my fine hair, my… do they sound familiar? Well, I don’t know how to stop them forever. But I know they can be tuned out even for a day. And that’s what I chose to do today. Taking a break from my naggers.

Have you tuned your naggers out?

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