Breaking record

2 Jul

Last time I had BORN IN VENGEANCE free on Amazon I hit a record. My Amazon Best Sellers Rank was: #949 Free in Kindle Store  and #55 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Historical Romance.


Let me tell you a secret: today and tomorrow 07/02-03 the book is free on Amazon. If you didn’t download it last time I encourage you to do it now. Why?

Well, for a few reasons:

1. I wrote it.

2. It’s a quick fantastic read (Of course it’t fantastic because I wrote it, right? 🙂 )

3. If you are missing Spartacus as I do after Starz ended it’s production last year this is your chance to meet new heroes as brave, fearless, handsome, driven, flawed, broken as the Spartacus’s cast. 

4. It’s free. With a touch of a button it will land in your e-library. No mess, no hassle.

5. Because it will help me break my own record. It will help my book find new homes in your heart, in your library. 

Are these reasons enough? I hope so. And I hope I managed to convince you to download BORN IN VENGEANCE. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Happy reading!

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