Sizzling Summer Blog Hop

4 Jul

Sizzling Summer Blog Hop

07/04- 07-07/2013

Organized by: The Romance Troupe


As the title of this hop hints at, each blogger must post a favorite sizzling scene. It didn’t take me long to figure out which book to pick from since I do have a few of my own novels where the chemistry between the characters is … touchable. The one I chose is not your regular scene of two people in the bedroom but rather in a gym on a military base. Wonder how it’s possible? Well, read on excerpts from A WORLD APART, contemporary military romance published in December of 2011.

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“Get ready to get your butt whooped,” saying that, Cassandra took the fighting position, both arms raised to guard her chin, feet apart.

“That’s a big word for a little girl like you.” David put the gloves on, tightened them and took the same position, facing her.

“Which one, butt or whooped?” She jabbed at him once, twice then surprised him with an uppercut. She danced around him, trying to throw him off with a pretended punch to the liver, but going for his spleen instead.

“Actually it’s whipped; whooped is slang and a little girl like you shouldn’t use such words,” he blocked another set of rapid punches.

“I’m an adult, I can use slang if I so choose. Besides, you’re not my commander here. You can’t order my mouth be washed out with soap.”

He laughed and lost momentum when she caught him off guard with two high-speed sidekicks to his upper arm, throwing him off balance. She quickly took advantage of his wobbly position and went for the final chin jab and a knee that landed him sprawled on his back. Before falling, he hooked an arm under her elbow, taking her down with him.

She struggled to stand and to unhook her arm, but stumbled and finally fell on top of David. She tried to escape, laughing so hard her body shook convulsively.

“You play dirty, David Hunt,” she laughed.

“And you take advantage of being a girl,” he laughed, too. Her body felt hot on top of his, resting easily on one elbow, her right leg bent over his, the other resting along his right thigh. Her breasts pressed hard on his chest, making him aware of the growing tightness in his groin.

“I won and quit calling me a little girl. I’m not,” she hit him lightly in his ribs. “I’m a woman.”

“I have no doubt you are a woman, a very special one, I must say.” David squeezed her leg between his, hooked both her arms and, using his body weight, rolled her onto her back, pinning her arms.

Her laughter trailed off, and her facial expression changed from relaxed to serious. Her chest rose with her breath, her skin sleek with sweat. Her blue eyes sparkled and when she licked her upper lip and then bit her lower, David lost it. He bowed his head, The hell with everything—

“You two, I said fight, not play! Two minutes!” Hulk yelled next to them.

David lifted his head for a split second to look up, pushing his body onto one elbow and rolling off Cassandra. A bucket of ice water dumped over his head would probably have the same effect as the instructor’s words.

She jumped to her feet, reaching for him, “Two minutes. Enough time to finish you, Major Hunt.”

David stood. “Don’t be so sure. If I win this match, you’ll cover my shift for one day while I’m off to the beach.” He tried a series of short jabs and forced her to take several steps backward. “Deal?”


Now that you finished reading let’s move to the prize announcement. My prize is an e-copy of A WORLD APART and a $10.00 Amazon gift card.

Sounds interesting? Then for you chance to win all you have to do is LIKE Camelia Miron Skiba on Facebook and leave a comment with the name you did so. 

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    Nice excerpt!
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    Loved your excerpt! So hot! Thanks for the excerpt and chance to win 😀 Victoria Embers victoriaembers at gmail dot com

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    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
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    Should be an interesting read.
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  30. lizaoconnorl July 5, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    Can I steal your words. “I’m an adult, I can use slang if I want to” when dealing with editors? No better not. Just saying that aloud makes me sound like a teen.

    • CameliaMironSkiba July 5, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

      Feel free to steal them. Sometimes it feels good to use whatever words come to mind as long as no one else hears them. There is a hefty price we pay when “misconducting”…

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    I did – Heather Manning-Ayala Thanks! heather1974 at gmail dot com

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    Looks like another great read 🙂

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    I love spicy stories thank you for sharing!

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    Yay!!! She DID whoop his butt. that was awesome.

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    I like sizzling sparring scenes.
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