VBT–Burn On the Western Slope by Angela Smith. Guest Post and Giveaway

11 Nov

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Author: Angela Smith (Website)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Reagan McKinney is on a mission to discover more about a deceased uncle who mysteriously left her a sizable inheritance, a condo in the mountains, and a stash of stolen jewels. With both her graphic design career and her love life in shambles, the opportunity to begin a new life couldn’t have come at a better time. When she becomes involved with the sexy FBI agent next door, she finds her struggle is not only to keep her heart intact, but her life.

Grief stricken after an undercover investigation ends in the death of his partner, FBI Agent Garret Chambers goes home to find solace in the arms of his mountain retreat. That is, until his boss assigns him to investigate the spirited brunette staying in the condo next door. He is assigned to investigate Reagan’s involvement with a large jewel fencing organization, but his investigation becomes comprised when his attraction to her heats up. Will his discovery destroy everything he has come to love, including Reagan?



I grew up in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.  As a child, I would speak of the beautiful mountains we have and will never forget when someone corrected me and told me they were merely hills.  “If you ever saw a real mountain, you would know these don’t compare.”

And thus commenced my longing to see a “real” mountain.  My vacations usually revolved around camping or beaches or cruises (more beaches), but the desire to travel to the mountains never wavered.  I pictured a log cabin, hot chocolate, and snow.  Lots and lots of snow!  Something these parts of Texas lack!  It took over twenty years before I took the opportunity to visit the mountains, but once my husband and I decided on a vacation to Colorado, our lives changed.

The mountains are now our first choice for vacation.  Many art forms have been inspired by the wondrous bounty of the mountains.  America the Beautiful was penned after being inspired by a trip to Pikes Peak.  

Although Burn on the Western Slope is set on the ski slopes of Montana, it was inspired after my first trip to Colorado, which was my first time to ever see a mountain.  Once complete, I couldn’t let it go (and certain characters wouldn’t leave me alone either) so of course I started the second in my series, tentatively titled Fatal Snag and ready to be queried soon. I created a fictional town, Tanyon, Montana, because I knew what I wanted but I didn’t want to use a real town and I wanted to tweak it to fit my and my character’s needs.  

I used to take vacations to the beach.  Sand, surf, waves, margaritas.  Now if I don’t go to the mountains at least once a year, I suffer serious withdrawals.  The ironic thing about that is my sister, who had never visited even after I begged her to come with us, met a man from Colorado. She has now moved and is living there.  So I have plenty of excuses to visit my favorite place in the world!

People always ask me when I’ll move there myself.  I don’t know, because I am a responsible person (sometimes too responsible) and I feel those responsibilities include having a home, a good job, animals, and family to keep me here.  I’m a lot like Naomi in Burn on the Western Slope, who has her own story in my second novel.  “Naomi needed roots, and those roots needed stable ground.” Yes, I’m one of those people, perfectly happy and comfortable in my life, but someone who starts feeling a little crazy if I don’t get to visit my favorite place in the world.

What is your favorite place in the world?  If you had to choose between two, would you choose the beach, or the mountains?

And what about the parts of the country that have both?  I hope one day that will be my newest adventure. 


About The Author:

Angela Smith

In high school, I was dubbed most likely to write a novel because I always had my nose stuck in a book. I’ll never forget the day the history teacher told me to finish my page and put down the novel romance I had hidden behind the history book that he was lecturing us on. I thought it was cool of him to let me finish my page, LOL! Of course, I closed the paperback right then. I was way too nervous to finish reading with all eyes on me.

Most people didn’t know back then how much I wanted to write, and now it’s no secret. I’ve always loved reading about the adventure of love, and getting involved in the legal field developed my love of suspense. I believe the whole act of love is a mystery that most people have trouble resolving, so now I work on resolving the mystery of love for my characters. It might be the only thing in life I can solve!

I work full time as a certified paralegal and spend my nights writing my next scenes.

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2 Responses to “VBT–Burn On the Western Slope by Angela Smith. Guest Post and Giveaway”

  1. Angela Smith November 11, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    Thank you for hosting me! It’s been fun!

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