The Writing Process Blog Tour

18 Nov

Ever curious about how writers and authors write? What inspires them? How do they hone their stories? What drives them?


I’m an author myself and often wonder how my fellow peeps do it. Do they all hear voices like I do? Do they write one story at the time or multiple? I assure you it’s different from one individual to the other. About a week ago I was asked by Ana Calin, a dear friend and fellow author if I want to participate in what it’s called The Writing Process Blog Tour. This blog tour is where writers and authors answer questions about their writing process and I am happy to be a part of this cross promotion. Ana posted hers last week. You can check out her writing process @ Fiction Online by Ana Calin.

On with the questions…

What are you working on?

If fighting with my characters is called working, then yes I’m working on my next novel tilted (for now) Me Tarzan—You Jane. I began writing it after attending a writers’ conference last year, the heroes and the story line so clear and easy to delve into, I thought it would be done in a few months. Then another story (Born In Sin, Dacian Legends, book# 2) popped in my head and it forced me to set the novel aside to write the new story. I finished and published Born In Sin end of May of this year. Took a short break from writing to promote my new novel then returned to Me Tarzan—You Jane. All went well until about six weeks ago when I found myself staring at the computer and unable to move the story from my head onto the screen (if only my fingers would collaborate!). That won’t be too bad considering Me Tarzan—You Jane won’t come out until spring of 2014, but the constant fighting with my characters drives me crazy. I’m also okay with them taking over my brain (gave up on that fight long ago), but I have so many other stories either in work or outlined that those characters become impatient. Can you imagine what would happen if my ancient warriors would pop in my head at the same time with my modern alpha male but can’t-chop-an-onion heroes? My poor brain would explode for sure.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I took a big risk writing my Dacian Legends—Born In Vengeance, book #1, Born In Sin, book #2—from the hero’s perspective which is unusual for a romance. The reason I did that was because the male heroes were the ones embarking on the journey to love, not their women. I have no regrets going that route, not only very rarely done in the romance genre, but also because love is seen and experienced so differently by men and women. As for my other novels (Hidden Heart, A Word Apart) I stayed away from the usual formula (man meets woman but conflict keeps them apart until they are reunited for their happily ever after). Real life doesn’t happen that way and, while I do write fiction, I like my stories to be believable and help readers identifying themselves with my characters. In general I like to bring two people together, build their relationships then train-wreck their lives. Whether their relationship is strong enough to stand trial or not it’s to be found out in the end.

Why do you write what you do?

For as long as I can dig down the memory lane I loved, starting with kindergarten. I’m a sucker for books, all things romance and the road to finding love. I believe that love colors our lives, conquers all fears and makes us better individuals. I believe in its power to heal and make us stronger, unlike any other emotion. And a heart without emotions it’s a stony one.

How does your writing process work?

My writing process is different from one story to another. It took me nine months to finish the final draft of my debut novel, Hidden Heart. Only ten days (and nights) for Born In Vengeance. Usually the story line or at least the major milestones flow fast and easy. Building my heroes—it depends, some easier to draw, some harder.

I usually read one or two chapters before starting a new one. It helps me reconnect with my heroes before I write the next scene. I transformed a guest room in my office by setting a desk in front of the window. I have several grammar books next to my computer. It’s total silence around me and the only “person” allowed in is Bella, my dog.

Thank you for visiting and reading my post. You can check out the writing processes of my wonderful and talented friends Cindy C Bennett, Juli Caldwell and Sherry Gammon on November, 25th.


6 Responses to “The Writing Process Blog Tour”

  1. anaatcalin November 18, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Cami, I truly love it! It’s so interesting to see how your mind as an author works, since I believe it’s a bit different for each and every one of us. I can fully identify with the stories and characters taking over my mind and the fingers (or rather words) not complying into proper form, as well as reading to reconnect with the story. I found it fascinating to read both Born in Sin and Born in Vengeance from the hero’s perspective and it’s something I’d so much like to discuss with you and other romance authors – how do you connect with male characters, experiencing everything as if in their skin?
    Romance being true to real life – wonderful idea and ideal! I think that’s one of the reasons I loved your books so much – while the romance has all the spice it needs, it keeps it believable and easy for me as a reader to identify with it. Please keep up silent hours in your office for the sake of your fan no. 1 – me 🙂

    • CameliaMironSkiba November 18, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

      Be careful what you ask for, Ana. Once you get me started, I don’t stop talking. LOL
      As for romance from the hero’s perspective I think the reason it come so easily for me it’s because I have a critique partner, Jeff Moore who makes sure my heroes don’t sound too… sweet or think/behave/ like women. Authors have a tendency to make their heroes and heroines sound the same. The key to avoid that is to have a man (or several) reading the POV of your hero. He/they’ll tell you if your hero sounds and acts believable.
      Sending love from AZ!

      • anaatcalin November 20, 2013 at 3:49 am #

        I find it brave and downright fascinating that you did that. And you did it well! I did have the feeling that I was in the head of a male character all the time and actually, in Born in Sin, I wished I’d gotten some of Oriana’s POV in the beginning (where she sees him again). Still, I fell for both Zyraxes and Ilias 🙂 Ohhhh… Now that I come to think about it… Maybe romance writers tend to write more from the girl’s POV because that’s how the hero stays “mysterious”. Not knowing what he actually thinks makes us as readers want more. BUT, I found myself wanting more from Zyraxes all the time. He guards his secrets and keeps us wanting an ever larger bite of him. His love story with Oriana is revealed step by step, the change of his feelings for Decebalus going from admiration to loathing as well. Way to go! Love, Ana

      • CameliaMironSkiba November 20, 2013 at 8:43 am #

        Thanks, Ana. You nailed exact what I was going for. Romance is written by women 99.99% and does follow women’s journey to finding love. i think it’s time to find out what and how men do it as well… thanks for stopping by! ❤

  2. V.S.Nelson November 18, 2013 at 2:21 pm #

    I’ve hardly had time to write these days; with the passing of both parents I find myself cleaning out not only their home, but mine as well, but in my few writing moments, I’m working on the next two books for my Greek God Series, (new adult). I’ve also written a few chapters for books 4 & 5 of my paranormal series, Sekhmet’s Guardians. Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday Till then take a hug, Always, V

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