Mondays are for Excerpts

30 Jun


“Well, well, look who’s here,” a drunken Daniel said, his words slurred. “Now I know why you aren’t answering your phone. You’re too busy having fun, aren’t ya?” He almost fell, but regained his balance, trying to hold onto her arm.

She looked horrified and tried to say something, but fear paralyzed her voice.

Alessandro, as if on cue, placed himself between Daniel and her, “Do not touch her.” His low and controlled voice caught Daniel’s attention.

“Who the hell you think you are?” Daniel asked, again losing his balance.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. You’re in no condition to speak to a lady,” Alessandro said.

“This is no lady. This is my woman and you’re the one who needs to leave. My woman and I have to talk. Besides, you’re in Romania, speak Romanian,” Daniel said.

“Daniel, please leave. We’re done talking.” Tessa came from behind Alessandro’s back and walked past the two men without looking at either of them. “Don’t make a fool of yourself. Go home. You’re drunk.”

That was an understatement and for a moment Daniel seemed to be surprised by her words. “I’ll leave if you promise to call me tomorrow. You must listen to what I have to say.”

She opened the building door and said, “Fine. Now go,” and then toward Alessandro, “Thank you for bringing me home, good night,” and closed the door behind her.

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