Mondays are for Excerpts

7 Jul


At ten o’clock, Tessa said her goodbyes and walked to her car. A whole day in bed was the only thing on her mind.

She untied her ponytail and massaged her scalp. She shook her head and the hair spilled onto her bare shoulders, down her back. It felt so good.

“I’ll drive you home.” Out of nowhere, Alessandro showed up behind her; he grabbed her elbow moving her towards the passenger side. He opened the door, but she didn’t get in the car.

She couldn’t figure out how he knew when she came or went and how he could move around without noise.

“No thanks, I can handle it alone.” Tessa stopped. She hoped her icy voice would freeze him at once. His closeness radiated heat and the urge to touch him almost blocked her senses. “I believe someone else is waiting for you to take her home.” She bit her lower lip, regretting the words, but she couldn’t take it back; she raised her chin in defiance.

“Jealous?” Alessandro’s grin infuriated her even more.

She pulled her elbow away and the motion made her breast brush his chest.

Alessandro stepped forward and placed his feet between hers, pushing her back against the car.

She held her breath, her eyes locked on his.

Without any warning, he took her head between his big palms and crushed her lips; his tongue ravished her mouth and claimed obedience.

A sweet heat rose in her belly and a quick rush of adrenaline invaded her starved body; she couldn’t get enough of his embrace, his kiss.

“Please, get in the car,” he whispered in a husky voice, breaking the kiss and pushing her gently into her seat. He walked around, stepped in, adjusted his seat and drove away, tires screeching.

Tessa’s head still spun from the hungry kiss they shared. She could no longer deny or ignore the physical attraction.

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