Spotlight–Tisha Wilson

9 Oct


Alicia Pool is an Immortal Werewolf Hunter who has been riding the night alone for more than eight years. She lives for the thrill of the hunt after losing her family tragically to their vicious bite. Officer Jerry Caymen believes he is living a sedate, somewhat boring life in his small town prison. Once a big city cop, a messy divorce leaves him with no choice but to retreat to the town of his roots. Unbeknownst to him, his life is about to get far more interesting than he ever imagined. When the bad-ass biker chick rides into town in her form fitting leathers, she initiates him into a world he never knew existed. If he is going to survive, he is going to have to learn to Tame the Night.

The Creatures of the Night series was born in me almost five years ago. Alicia first appeared to me as a ghost in the darkness. She rode up to me on her silver platted motorcycle, smoking a cigarette, and holding that bike up like she owned the world when she was on it. I saw her leathers and the purple flames snaking up the gas tank, and I wanted to know her secrets. I spent two years really getting to know her and her habits before the rest of the cast of Protectors began to show themselves to me. In book one, we visit Alicia and Jerry, the characters that will carry the main story line, the Balance.

In the next three books, we meet the Protectors, the ones that will protect the Balance until the Healer is discovered. Braden is a thousand year old werewolf hunter born during the times of the Vikings. We find Braden in the biggest conflict of his life. He is so old that he has become tired of carrying the burdens of the hunter. He considers giving himself over to the wolves and is thus distracted when a tiny wheelchair bound woman stumbles into the middle of his battle. She is bitten and he expects he will have to end her life should she become Wolf, but as she turns her deep blue innocent eyes up to him, he feels something he hasn’t felt in ages… his heartbeat.

The third book introduces you to the Suave and Sexy Latino Assistant-Mentor, Saul Munoz. We met Saul in previous books, but when he drops off the radar in the midst of the biggest attack the Wolves have ever made on Mentor compounds, no one suspects that he has been kidnapped by the Day Walkers (Wolf Shifters). Turned into a Hunter against his will in the Day Walker lab, Saul feels betrayed by the society. The Mentors should have at least sent someone to look for him. After making his own escape, he runs from the society and back home to Alaska. It is there that he meets up with an old friend of his little sister, Cenora Moon. He has known her for years, since she was a child in fact, but can no longer seem to see her as a child. Feeling a force beyond his control pulling them together, he finds he neither has the will nor desire to pull away from her, even when it seems to be destroying them both.

The forth book mixes both the elements of the Hunter and the Witch. Miriam Sweeney, born a reluctant Witch, never really gave her power much consideration. She attempts to lead a normal life, free of Grandma Maggie’s crazy ranting. It is not until her little brother goes missing that she fully explores every possibility. She discovers a talent living within her that she never knew she possessed. Unfortunately, the Wolves find out about her talent as well. Ian Christopher finds her on a bus bench looking as if she has been assaulted. After being in the grips of the wolves for so many months, attempting to get them to release her brother, Miriam thinks there is no way to stop their dark force. Until Ian comes along, cleans her up, and restores her faith. He is her knight on shinning motorcycle, and she discovers she will do anything to save him and her brother from the clutches of darkness.

The final book, Unleashed, brings all the Protectors and Balances back together, uniting them in the fight of their lives against the growing horde of Wolves and Day Walkers. Though the government knows of the secret society, so much has transpired that they have pulled funding and support from the Hunters. Without the resources of weaponry and Assistant-Mentors, other than those few who volunteer, the Hunters are well and truly on their own. The Day Walkers may have more than just their deaths in mind, however. There is a secret that the Walkers know that not even the Mentors know. Who will win? You must read the series to find that out.

About the Author:

First off, I sometimes feel that as people experience a little bit of success, they tend to pull away. Sometimes it is out of necessity. There is so much going on with promoting, blogging, tweeting, and website building, it is dizzying. But I am also a person that does the laundry and makes fabulous dinners and takes my kid to gymnastics. I have been writing for over seventeen years and my desire is as much the same today as it was way back then. I write for the readers. I will never get so busy that I forget that. I write these for you so that hopefully it will give you some encouragement or laughter or joy. Life is hard, and for me, reading is like my chocolate break from reality. I pray that is what you experience as you read these novels.

Find Tisha at Creatures of the Night

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