The story of… Patty Cakes and Tippy Toes

9 Mar

In my previous post I promised to tell you the story of nicknaming my son Patty Cake and his girlfriend Tippy Toes. 

Over the years Patrick earned several nicknames: as a little kid he was Boaba which in Romanian means Bean or Auriu which means Golden. The nicknames came natural, to some extend caused by his appearances: Boaba because his blue eyes had the form of beans and Auriu because his hair was well, the color of gold. Not very creative, huh?

Some time during middle school and all the way through high school he became just… Pumpkin. He was mortified when he hung out with his friends at our house and out of the blue I’d call, “Pumpkin, lunch is ready!” Talk about all-times-parent-moment-embarrassment. I hope I didn’t scar him, but in my defense I was just being … mom. 

Fall of 2013 marked the beginning of a new era in Patrick’s life: college. And with anything new why not get a new nickname? I remember cooking one evening and he was helping me (which unfortunately it doesn’t happen as often as I wish). Maybe it was because of being hungry, or cooking, I’m not sure, but somehow and out of the blue I called him Patty Cakes. We burst out laughing and since then Patrick is  Patty Cakes. 

January of last year Patty Cakes brought home this super cute/adorable/friendly/loving/funny girl he met at school. He didn’t just bring her home; he snuck her in the house for the first two times, late at night. Between my husband –who can hear a needle drop in my neighbor’s house and my dog–who barks at anything that comes near our house within a two miles radius, Alyssa walked in without anyone knowing. We couldn’t name her anything but Tippy Toes, right?

We never know what the future brings but today Patrick and Alyssa are still an item, so madly in love, so perfect for each other and happier than ever. Time will tell if they’ll earn other nicknames, but for now Patty Cakes and Tippy Toes fit them like a second skin.IMG_2354

One Response to “The story of… Patty Cakes and Tippy Toes”

  1. Samantha Wagner March 13, 2015 at 9:33 pm #

    Love the nicknames, the picture is cute too!

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