Who I was I’m no longer today

14 Jul

Back in the day I could never leave the house without makeup. Needed to take the trash out? Buy a loaf of bread? Go to a movie? Hang out with friends? Always, always put makeup on.

Today my morning routine is done in less than thirty minutes: teeth brushing, hair (straightened or curled), clothes on, and off I go.

Back in the day I could never fathom wearing anything other than high heels. The higher the heels the better. Long or short walk, uphill or downhill didn’t matter–always in heels. Today my choice of shoes are flip-flops and flats.


Back in the day I always accessorized accordingly. Shoes matched my purse, colors and patterns were meticulously picked. Spent tons of money and followed whatever trends in style.

Today, a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt is my preferred attire when home. I still own clothes I wore ten years ago.

Back in the day, I couldn’t imagine letting people know I love writing, too mortified of being judged.

Today I have published five novels and have several other stories in work.

Back in the day I could get angry and combust in flame in a second, my Latin temperament part of me as my own skin.

Today, I don’t take myself seriously; in fact I’m the first to laugh at myself.


Back in the day I was too busy creating an image I wanted people to know me for. 

Today comfort, inner peace and embracing who I am are the rules I live my life by.

Is it evolution, development or . . . growing wise?

2 Responses to “Who I was I’m no longer today”

  1. Elani. (@keloveveryone) July 14, 2015 at 6:33 am #

    Eek! for someone who did all those things, no one would expect that you write stories. Most people views those who love writing as nerds or geeks or someone who are complete opposites of ‘aesthetic’ lovers. It’s very rare to see beauty obsessive and words obsessive in one person. Before it was being weird, now it’s becoming more like unique and extraordinary. Like something ‘cool’ and interesting. I don’t know your reasons for deciding your life choices in the past or why you preferred those before, but I believe that..today…you are growing and starting to love the ‘real’ you more. That’s great! I’m proud of you. Can I even say that? Haha! ❤

    • Camelia Miron Skiba July 15, 2015 at 11:39 am #

      Thanks, Elani for the kind words. I think all in one is an evolution of myself. I know several authors who are fashionable and care about their appearances a lot, and some that don’t care at all. I like to believe I’m balanced. Romance authors aren’t necessary nerds, but definitely introverts. I also think back in the day it was a “real” me as much as the “real” me of today is, only with different perspectives, ideals etc. What I love the most is seeing the entire journey as an evolution; who wants to be stuck in the past, right? 🙂

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