March Man-ness 2016 Bout #1: Manly Marine vs. Hot Pirate

7 Mar

Manly Marine vs. Hot Pirate? Please vote for the man who stole your heart 😉

The Desert Muses

march manness button 2016And so it begins! Our first bout pits the Manly Marine against the Hot Pirate. Read on for a dose of man candy!

Manly Marine – by Camelia Miron Skiba

Noah GallowayImage from

For the March Man-ness Contest I chose my newest hero, ex Marine Jacob Nicholson. My inspiration for Jacob was war veteran Noah Galloway from DWTS last year’s season. I happened to browse through TV channels when Noah danced to I am Titanium and the emotions overwhelmed me in ways I can’t describe. I had to google him and his story stuck with me long after seeing him dancing. I knew one day he’ll be one of my heroes.

Except for their looks Jacob and Noah are similar in many ways: he too is an injured war veteran and his road to recovery was a roadblock after another, all the way to the path of self-destruction. Somewhere in…

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