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5-star review? I take it. Spotlight? Right up my alley.

13 Nov

I’m beyond excited with how much TLC my upcoming New Adult contemporary romance Me Tarzan–You Jane is receiving already.

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In preparation for its release (12/06/14; available for pre-order on Amazon now) several readers have agreed to review it and post their review on Goodreads.

Among those readers Solmarie rates Me Tarzan–You Jane  a 5-star novel. She says: “I adored this book. The characters were so alive for me that I was actually sad when the book ended. I wanted more. Maybe the author will be kind enough to write about each of the male models mentioned here (HINT HINT) :)”

Thank you, Solmarie, for the kind words. 

Others agreed to feature the novel on their blogs, like Lisa and Sarah @ Girls With Books (their site is a great place to pick your next book based on their reviews or enter giveaways with tons of prizes). Hop over and see what they have to offer.

Happy Friday!


It pays off to try your best

12 Dec

As an author you put your heart out there and hope people will enjoy your work. In the beginning there is a lot of angst associated with each review, each rating. The good ones melt your heart. They encourage you to keep writing, keep publishing. The bad ones devastate you. You want to throw in the towel never to touch the keyboard again.

As time passes by you realize that while you strive to satisfy each and every reader, you just can’t. You’re only a mortal and there is no such thing as being liked by every single soul on this planet. So what you do is grow a tough skin for the critiques and shift your focus toward the full side of the glass.

While I appreciate all reviews and ratings, I rarely read them. They are not for me, but for the next reader interested/or not to read my novels. I have people from all over the world contacting me and telling me how much they enjoyed them. One of them is Javiera from Chile. I’m beyond ecstatic she took the time to write me. Thank you, Javiera! With her permission I copied her message here:

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Save the Best for Last–5 Star Review

31 Mar

For the last day of my virtual book tour on 03/29 there was a review  from Calum scheduled @ The Secret Writer. Unfortunately Calum’s computer decided that was the perfect time to crash (I’m telling you, these machines have a mind of their own).

Between that and the time zone difference (Calum in the UK, me here in the States) I had to come up with a quick solution … but not quick enough. I already had the draft ready to come up, then when I saw the time ticking I moved it to later on, then again, and again but forgot sometime in the afternoon to re-schedule it. So it did come up looking like this: “Calum loved the book, calling it, “….”

I didn’t realize until late at night the post was up in the air and wasn’t finished. Needless to say I frantically removed it from the blog, praying no one saw it. As it turned out, my prayers went answered. Calum wrote yesterday and teased me: “How did you know I loved the book?” I wrote back: “It was wishful thinking.”

It is my pleasure to give you (for real this time) excerpts from his review: “This though, is not your usual type of romance novel. Richly written, cultural and historical issues are interwoven throughout the story. There are also military action scenes that take place during a period of active service in Iraq. These scenes are written so vividly, that the reader will not find it very difficult to imagine themselves standing beside the main characters within this story as the military action scenes are played out.more