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Music and Writing–A Marriage In Heaven

24 Jan

Whether a painter, a writer, a musician or a sculptor we all have something in common: vivid imagination. To some this vivid imagination speaks in colors; to others in sounds, words or forms. There is no limit to what we can create.

While I need perfect silence when I write, I rely tremendously on music for inspiration. It touches me in ways no other form of art does. Some songs are perfect for creating the right mood for the scene: dark / loving / intense / sexy / suspenseful–all I need to do is reach for the play button and the waves of music get me there.

I’m a few chapters into finishing a novel and the mood I am in is not the right one. I need some major changing which is not easy to do, but not impossible either. To help myself I have chosen three songs that are perfect for creating the scenes necessary to finish the manuscript. And since I like to play games how about I’ll post the songs here, but I won’t tell you what mood I need to create. I’ll let you guess. Sounds fun?

Feel free to leave your comment below. What mood do you think (based on the songs) I need? The winner will receive any one e-copy of one of my novels (Hidden Heart, A World ApartBorn In VengeanceBorn in Sin).

Let’s get to the music, shall we?

The Art In You. The Art In Me.

20 Nov

As colors are to a painter

So is clay to a sculptor.

As notes are to a composer

So are words to a writer.


Free your eyes to see

Free your mind to discover.

Free your heart to feel

Free your soul to wonder.


The Art in you.

The art in me.

Be free.

Be you.


Copyright © 2012 Camelia Miron Skiba