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Signed Book Giveaway Hop

16 Apr

signed book hop

Signed Book Giveaway Hop
April 16th to 22nd
Featuring Books Signed by the Author
As technology and humans evolve we authors have now a neat way of signing even electronic copies of books. Using Autograph.com any book can be signed with a push of a button then delivered to any electronic shelf (see mine on the right column, near the end of the page).
But I’m still a sucker for paperbacks. The smell of ink, the paper’s thickness between my fingers, the sound of another file being turned… that’s all part of the reading pleasure. With that in mind my prizes for today’s giveaway hop are simple: 3 winners US ONLY, each receiving a signed copy of my novels:
test cover1
Interested? I hope you are. And if you are all you have to do is fill out the form below and leave your answer to the following question: Do you have a signed item (be it a book, a DVD, a painting, a baseball, etc) by a famous person, what that item is and from whom? I have a signed poster by astronaut John Grunsfeld and one by fellow Arizonan and romance author Erin Quinn.
Good luck everyone!