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Giveaways at Night Owl Reviews

2 Apr

A while ago Night Owl Reviews or NOR for short opened their doors for giveaways sponsored by authors willing to spread the love for their novels.

I recently decided to take on their offer and created 4 different giveaways, for each one of my books:

Hidden Heart

A World Apart

Born In Vengeance–Dacian Legends, book #1

Born In Sin–Dacian Legends, book #2 

The giveaways run for another 3 weeks (the first three) and a month the last one. They are also posted on NOR’s site. If you click on any of the above titles you will be redirected to their site and able to enter the giveaways.

Good luck!

Fool For Books Giveaway Hop

31 Mar

Woot! Woot! Finally a blog hop. I have to admit I was missing doing one because not only all bloggers have awesome giveaways, but it also gives you the chance to make new friends and discover new sites.

Fool for Books is organized by Kathy @ I’m A Reader Not A Writer and runs between April 1st and April 7th with my winner announcement on April 8th.


Open internationally I’m giving away e-copies of all my novels (feeling generous today):



test cover1



For your chance to win all you have  to do is FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL by clicking on the button to the right called “Sign me up!” (atop all images) and leave your answer to the question:

What was the best prank anyone has ever played on you?


Winner Announcement for the Romance Is In The Air Giveaway Hop

15 Feb

The  Romance Is In The Air Giveaway Hop is over. Using random.org the lucky winner taking home copies of my Dacian Legends Series Born In Vengeance and Born In Sin is… Carla Bosch.

Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop

7 Feb

romance is in the air

Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop
Featuring Young Adult & Clean Adult Romance
February 8th to 14th
I’m really excited about this giveaway hop because of it’s theme–romance. Can you live without love? I can’t. I’m surrounded by love in all forms and shapes, from the sun’s gold upon the world to the butterfly dance, to the soft touch of a hand. For as long as I can dig down the memory lane I loved, starting with kindergarten (and yes i still remember the boy’s name ;). I’m a sucker for books, all things romance and the road to finding love. I believe that love colors our lives, conquers all fears and makes us better individuals. I believe in its power to heal and make us stronger, unlike any other emotion. And a heart without emotions it’s a stony one.
I celebrate love in all my books, helping my heroes to find love and fall in love because as the Beatles song says, “All we need is love,” right?
And since today’s giveaway must feature YA & clean adult romance, I have the perfect books that fit the requirement. I’m giving away one e-copy of my historical romance Born In Vengeance (Dacian Legends–book# 1) and Born In Sin (Dacian Legends–book# 2). 
Premiere Of Paramount's "Stop-Loss" - ArrivalsBIS-web COVER
For your chance to win all you have to do is FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL by clicking on the button to the right called “Sign me up!” (atop all images) and leave your answer to the question:

Winner Announcement for the Great Summer Reads Giveaway Hop

13 Jul

The Great Summer Reads Giveaway is over. Using random.org the lucky winners are:

HIDDEN HEART goes to Peggy Hopkins.

A WORLD APART goes to Rhonda Peña.

BORN IN VENGEANCE goes to Shelly Hammond.

BORN IN SIN goes to Ariel.

Great Summer Reads Blog Hop

9 Jul

My awesome critique partner and friend Cindy C Bennett is hosting her very first giveaway hop. When I heard that I singed up immediately for it. 

Great Summer Reads Hop


Great Summer Reads

Everyone loves a good summer read! So this is your chance to share and giveaway your favorite. For this hop I’m giving away  e-copies of any of my novels which continue to be recognized across the blogosphere with wonderful reviews:

1. HIDDEN HEART (the story begins on a summer day so it fits perfectly)

test cover1

2. A WORLD APART (the story begins on a freezing winter day, but it does end on a summer day, so again very fitting)


3. BORN IN VENGEANCE, DACIAN LEGENDS, BOOK #1 (of course the story begins on a summer day, what else did you expect 😉 )


4. BORN IN SIN, DACIAN LEGENDS, BOOK #2 (it starts where the first one ended, also on a summer day)


What yo have to do to win them? Simple: FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL by clicking on the button to the right called “Sign me up!” (atop all images) then leave a comment with the name you signed up under.

Good luck everyone!

Breaking record

2 Jul

Last time I had BORN IN VENGEANCE free on Amazon I hit a record. My Amazon Best Sellers Rank was: #949 Free in Kindle Store  and #55 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Historical Romance.


Let me tell you a secret: today and tomorrow 07/02-03 the book is free on Amazon. If you didn’t download it last time I encourage you to do it now. Why?

Well, for a few reasons:

1. I wrote it.

2. It’s a quick fantastic read (Of course it’t fantastic because I wrote it, right? 🙂 )

3. If you are missing Spartacus as I do after Starz ended it’s production last year this is your chance to meet new heroes as brave, fearless, handsome, driven, flawed, broken as the Spartacus’s cast. 

4. It’s free. With a touch of a button it will land in your e-library. No mess, no hassle.

5. Because it will help me break my own record. It will help my book find new homes in your heart, in your library. 

Are these reasons enough? I hope so. And I hope I managed to convince you to download BORN IN VENGEANCE. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Happy reading!