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Social Media Blackout

1 Jan

I’ve been planning this for a few months now and it’s finally happening. For the entire month of January I’ll be off all social media. Why? Well, for once I want to see if I have the will to stay away from checking who does what and where. It’s a vicious circle I feel sucked in, and no matter how much I enjoy being in the loop, I always feel guilty for spending so much time on all those venues. I’m trying to break the circle.

I also want to see if at the end of this experiment I’ll have more writing done, which is where I’d like to focus my energy. Writing books is after all what nourishes my mind and heart, but I don’t do it as much as I should, so carving time for it it’s what I hope will get me the needed boost.

So, off I go . . .



Calvin & Hobbes–Instant smile!

9 Apr

Mondays back in the office can be dreadful. But I know just the best recipe to get me in a good mood instantly… either Maxine or Calvin and Hobbes. So I keep a few prints on my tack-board above my desk… like this one:

And if this didn’t lift your spirit, how about this one?


28 Dec

Don’t know about you, but when I need a good laugh or a lift-me-up I either read Calvin and Hobbes or Maxine. If Maxine were a bit younger she could easily be Calvin’s mom. Seriously. He couldn’t get his corckiness from his dull parents, could he?

I love Calvin for his brains and Maxine for her sense of humor. I love Calvin for his pessimism and Maxine for her wisdom. Can you imagine what a story would that be if we put these cheese-heads together?

Who makes you laugh?