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Review Souls in Peril by Sherry Gammon

26 Sep

My rating:

Because I’m a huge fan of author Sherry Gammon, naturally when she released Souls In Peril I had to have the book.
What I like about Sherry’s work is that she talks openly about real life situations in a fictional world, builds characters that anyone can easily fall in love with, and writes endings that leave you wanting more. And Souls in Peril delivers exactly that. Her narrative is smooth building up tension and ending with a well-drawn climax. Not for one second did I know where the story headed, but rather flipped page after page impatiently wanting to find out.
This young adult novel is one of my favorite reads this year. Max, the main character, goes through one of the best arcs I’ve read in a long time. He’s the perfect guy (senior in high school) living in a perfect world. He’s not arrogant, but he’s not humble either. I’d say confidence is one of his strongest qualities. Unfortunately tragedy strikes and Max falls deep, losing everything and then some.
Next, we follow him through a brand new journey with trials, conflicts and doubts to fill a lifetime. Enter JD, the school’s most bullied student with whom Max has no other choice but to… coexist for a while.
Sherry drives the reader to real emotions masterfully creating trials, conflicts and doubts. You’ll cry and laugh, ache and root for these heroes. I also liked the messages that come with this book, that life is worth living, that we should never give up and we should always try our best. As life goes on and routine sets in we have a tendency to forget how important these things are. Truth is—tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.
I recommend this book to everyone loving a good, clean YA for themselves or their teenagers–so worth reading it.

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