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Music and Writing–A Marriage In Heaven

24 Jan

Whether a painter, a writer, a musician or a sculptor we all have something in common: vivid imagination. To some this vivid imagination speaks in colors; to others in sounds, words or forms. There is no limit to what we can create.

While I need perfect silence when I write, I rely tremendously on music for inspiration. It touches me in ways no other form of art does. Some songs are perfect for creating the right mood for the scene: dark / loving / intense / sexy / suspenseful–all I need to do is reach for the play button and the waves of music get me there.

I’m a few chapters into finishing a novel and the mood I am in is not the right one. I need some major changing which is not easy to do, but not impossible either. To help myself I have chosen three songs that are perfect for creating the scenes necessary to finish the manuscript. And since I like to play games how about I’ll post the songs here, but I won’t tell you what mood I need to create. I’ll let you guess. Sounds fun?

Feel free to leave your comment below. What mood do you think (based on the songs) I need? The winner will receive any one e-copy of one of my novels (Hidden Heart, A World ApartBorn In VengeanceBorn in Sin).

Let’s get to the music, shall we?