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Love it or hate it–Commercials during Superbowl XLVI

5 Feb

I’m running back and forth between the living room and my office to watch the commercials during the Superbowl. This is the only day in a year I look forward to watch commercials and no, I’m not watching the game. What? Don’t you know of anyone who doesn’t like… football? Ok, ok, before you cast the stone maybe telling you that I’m not a born American, (only received the citizenship a few year ago) sounds like a good excuse why I’m not rooting for any team.

So, back to commercials. This year the main categories are: beer, cars and soda. There are a few movies, food AND (surprisingly) last year’s career’s builder commercials with a bunch of monkeys making fun of a co-worker.

I have to admit a lot of them are well done therefore hard to pick my favorite one. But I decided and here we go:

#3. Bridgestone Performance with Steve Nash and Tim Duncan

#2. Skechers – Go Run Mr. Quiggly

#1. Pepsi-King’s Court

My less favorite was the Jack in The Box commercial… a guy marrying bacon. Really?

Unrelated to the commercials I have to applaud Madonna’s performance at halftime. It took me  back in time when I was a teenagers and she was so in Vogue. When Music used to Open Your Heart to Express Yourself.