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Why Do You Write?–Guest Connie M. Barrett

19 Nov

My next guest in the series “Why Do You Write?” is author Connie Barrett, whose cats rule her life. Literally. To see why she writes about dragons when she obviously loves cats, you’ll have to check out her books, which are listed at the end of this blog. But first of all let’s get to know her writing story.

“Why Do You Write?”

Why do I write? It would make a nice story to say that I started to write as soon as I was able to put more than two words together, that I can’t imagine a life without writing, and that writing is kind of like breathing to me.

All of the above is true, but lately I’ve been considering the possibility of a more sinister explanation: The Cats Made Me Do It.

The first word I learned both to read and write was “cat.” In retrospect, I think this must have been a message from the Great Cat Goddess because a lot of the writing I’ve done in recent years has involved felines.

My fantasy series, A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny, has major cat characters who have a way of taking over every scene, much in the way cats invariably occupy the most comfortable spaces in any room. Recent short stories have likewise been cat-ridden.

Part of my professional work involves counseling people about their cats’ misbehavior (not that any cat would ever admit to behavior less than stellar). That work led to a recently published book about holistic remedies for cats.

I can’t get away from them. On an everyday basis, they rule my life, directing me to meet their many needs, and in my writing life they’re equally omnipotent.

Some day, cats will figure out how to use their paws for typing purposes. One of my cats already displays alarming talents in that area. Then I will be rendered redundant and free to write about other subjects. Until then, I remain their servant.

I’m not complaining. I wouldn’t dare.

The cats would like you to know where you can get their books. If I sell enough books, I get treats.

These books are also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and other outlets.

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