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Review–“Till Life Do Us Apart” by Carmen Stefanescu

16 Sep

Reading was my first love before writing, but since starting on this writing journey, my time to read is very limited. Because of that, I’m very selective with what I read, picking books carefully. If the books deliver entertainment and help me escape reality (which at the moment drives me crazy with all the political trash exchanged between the two candidates) that much better!

“Till Life Do Us Apart” by Carmen Stefanescu is such a book. At first the cover attracted me with its eerie and mysterious flair. I picked it up and refused to put it down, intriguing me until the very end. Carmen Stefanescu put her heart into this book and it shows. It’s the second book of hers that I read, and I hope that she has more stories to tell.  



Barbara Heyer can hear voices of dead people. They whisper of their deaths, seek comfort for those left behind, and occasionally even warn her about future events. But when Barbara’s brother, Colin, is accused of murder, it will take more than her gift to prove his innocence.
Becoming smitten with the handsome investigator, Detective Patrick Fischer, is a serious complication given his assignment to her brother’s case. Barbara senses there is something far deeper—and perhaps much older—than the surface attraction between them. Could that be why she’s visited by a mysterious woman named Emma in her dreams? Could past life regression tie all the seemingly unconnected events together? Barbara and Patrick must overcome heartache to find the truth to save Colin, and perhaps themselves.

I always fear I give up too much in my reviews but, let me just say, “Till Life Do Us Apart” has an original twist on the controversial topic of reincarnation, past lives, rebirth. Aside from the main characters, I absolutely adored the dog–Jack who adds a special flavor to the story. I liked the combination of murder mystery with a bit of romance and supernatural elements. Overall this was an enjoyable read, just complicated enough, and fast moving. I wholeheartedly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed. I got my copy in electronic version but I believe the book is also offered in paperback, great for those of you who prefer it that way.


Cover Reveal for Sherry Gammon’s Port Fare Series

16 Sep
Unlovable is now an audiobook!! If you click here you can get the audiobook for free with a 30 day free trial of Audible on Amazon!! You can’t beat free!!Along with the release of the audiobook, I’ve redesigned the covers of the first two books in the Port Fare series. ( I’m designing covers now. Click here and check them out!) To celebrate the new look, I am giving away paperback copies of the entire series. 

Here is the new cover for Unlovable. I didn’t change it too much because I really loved the original one. (Thank you, Paul Beeley), but another author came out with almost the exact same cover, including the coloring 😥

I kept the girl on the swing because she fits Maggie’s story perfectly, though I did add flowers to the swing. The rest has been changed completely. I love the blues and pinks, and I’ve always wanted a moon on the cover. I also added Maggie’s trailer in the background!

Here is the eBook cover:

And this is the Paperback
     This is the audio book cover.
 This is the new cover for Unbelievable! It’s a real change. I feel this cover fits the story so much better. Lilah feels trapped by her domineering father and his demands. She desperately wants to break free…can’t tell you anymore or I’ll spoil the story I feel this new cover portrays Lilah and what she is going through in a much stronger way, and it seems to fit in better with the other covers. While I loved the old cover, and had a huge say in its design, (Thank you again, Paul) it seemed out of place with book one & three’s covers. This one holds the same “feel,” if you will.
Here is the Ebook cover:
And this is the paperback
Unbearable’s cover didn’t really change, only the back was updated.


So, what do you think??

Sherry’s Web page

Sherry’s Goodreads page

Purchase links:

A to Z Challenge–Letter H

9 Apr

Last week I was fortunate to start the A to Z Challenge on Rosie Amber’s blog where my novel A World Apart was making headlines for the letter A. Thank you Rosie for the incredible effort to organize this event, the love and support you show all of us, and thank you to everyone leaving comments and showing interest in my novel.


Today I’m back again with yet another novel of mine covering the letter H in the challenge. Hidden Heart is my debut novel I published 3 years ago, a multicultural romance set in Romania and Italy, modern day. With stellar reviews, 100+ ratings and almost 1,000 readers adding it to their to-read-shelves on Goodreads I couldn’t be happier with the way people around the world received it.

HH for web

One of the latest reviewers calls Hidden Heart, “Drama galore, a hero to die for, a heroine with brains, that’s my kind of book. Hidden Heart delivers that and more.”

Please hop over at Rosie’s blog to see what else she has in store. Along with Rosie there are 2,000 bloggers from around the world featuring throughout the month of April authors from all kind of genres and what books you can read next. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Happy reading!

New Release by Mimi Sebastian–Devils Island

3 Feb

Who needs a pirate to lose her heart and fall in love at first sight?

Well, Mimi Sebastian’s new release Devils Island has exactly what the doctor ordered: a healthy dose of charm, action and love scene to die for. Don’t believe me? Then get your copy from Amazon for only .99 (limited time, so hurry up!)



Captain Boone Wilder leads a cadre of powerful and notorious pirates that rule the West Indies. He’s survived the cutthroat’s life, bearing the scars to prove it. Fearless, he seeks only the freedom of the seas and an enemy he’s hunted with a vengeance for years. When Boone waylays a fat merchant vessel bound for Port Royal, he discovers more than he bargained for in the luscious bounty of Miss Sabine Tanner. But Miss Tanner hides more than tempting curves in her skirts. When Boone finds her sneaking about the Port Royal taverns, meeting with dubious captains, he’s determined to learn what devious game she’s playing.

The daughter of a condemned pirate captain, Sabine Tanner took to the seas to clear her father’s name and locate his legendary treasure. When her ship bound for Port Royal is boarded, she’s captured by the sun-bronzed, muscular Captain Wilder. While the man is dangerously attractive, she knows from experience that Wilder is nothing but a scabrous bilge rat. Circumstances force her to sail with the scoundrel to find her father’s ship, lost on the phantom Devil’s Island. Driven by opposing agendas, will they survive the hidden truths, or does their greatest threat lie with each other?

September Is For Sequels Giveaway Hop

2 Sep
September is for Sequels Giveaway Hop
September 2nd to 9th
The general rule for this fun hop (with over 100 bloggers signed up) is that the book must be a sequel in a series, can’t be the first one, but it can be any number from 2 on.
As it happens, a few months ago I released book # 2  in my historical romance series Dacian Legends titled BORN IN SIN, a perfect match for this giveaway. Over 600 people added the book to their TBR list on GoodReads since its release, gaining on average 4.11stars ratings on the same site. So excited about its success.
For your chance to win one e-copy all you have to do is add BORN IN SIN to your TBR list on GoodReads. In the comments section leave a link to your TBR and your answer to the question: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SERIES?
I have way too many series that I absolutely love, but lately I’ve been in a historical-romance-crave so I’d say Mary Baloghs series about the Bedwyn’s siblings is my favorite. 
Don’t forget to hop over to the other bloggers. Everyone has amazing giveaways!


21 Jun

In a little over two years since I started my blog I gained over 5,600 followers and this is beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed. I published 4 novels and have several others in works. And again it’s beyond all I’ve ever dreamed.

For some, this might not be enough. For others it will be another reason to shrug and say, “So what?” For me is reason to celebrate. And I chose to be bold and mark this moment with a HUGE giveaway for anyone interested to read BORN IN VENGEANCE, my first ancient historical drama/romance in the Dacian Legends. Today 06/21 BORN IN VENGEANCE is free on Amazon. Download it and tell your mother and your father, your friends and your neighbors they can all get it free. Share it on your blog, on your FB, tweet about it, do whatever you want. I did my part offering it to you as a THANK YOU for standing by me.



Sounds interesting? Hurry up. The promotion ends at midnight.

Happy reading!

Happy in–Nag out

19 Jun

Let me tell you a secret: as an author you doubt yourself a lot. No matter how many books you’ve written, no matter if you are successful or not. Those voices in your head aren’t always only your imaginary friends that turn into amazing heroes wanting nothing more than to find a portal to the outer world and have their stories known to anyone willing to give them a chance. No. Along with those voices you hear a few nagging ones: “This wasn’t good enough.” “Write faster.” “Your rating dropped.” “Can’t you do better?” At times those voices are louder than of your heroes. And doubt spreads through your mind eventually leading to discouragement when all you want is throw it all away. Yup, this was me for the past few days.

And then a little miracle happened. My assistant Tina received a message from Brandee Price  @ Bookworm Brandee who agreed a while back to read and review my Dacian Legends series BORN IN VENGEANCE and BORN IN SIN. Curious about her reviews I went to her site and read them. With each new sentence I read, a smile made it’s way to my face, at first shy then larger and larger. At times like this (when I smile with my whole face) I’m glad I have ears, otherwise my mouth would stretch all the way to the back of my head. Because that’s exactly what Brandee’s reviews did to me: made me smile with my whole being.

I recommend you stop by her blog not only for her reviews of my books but because she has some other really great reviews. Not sugarcoating, but insightful and clear.

I know the naggers will always be in my head. If is not my books they complain about it’s my weight, my wrinkles, my dark circles, my fine hair, my… do they sound familiar? Well, I don’t know how to stop them forever. But I know they can be tuned out even for a day. And that’s what I chose to do today. Taking a break from my naggers.

Have you tuned your naggers out?