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Stuck In A Good Book–Giveaway Hop

19 Sep

StuckinaGoodBook Hop

September 20th to 25th

Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Valerie from Stuck in Books

The main rule of this hop is to share a book you couldn’t put down. Sounds easy?

Not really, because I have so many such books so dear to me but also know that I’d break the bank if I were to give away all of them. On the other hand I’d be unfair to the ones I don’t mention. So what do I do?

I decided to narrow it down to what I read this year and my favorite pick would be ARMS WIDE OPEN by Juli Caldwell.


I read this novella in one sitting and I loved every bit of it.  And because I liked it so much I will be giving away 3 e-copies to 3 lucky winners. All you have to do is become a friend on GoodReads and answering to the question: WHAT WAS YOUR FAVE BOOK THIS YEAR?

Good luck everyone and don’t forget to hop over to the other bloggers for more fun prizes!

Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop

19 Jun

My favorite season is summer for its long days, colorful flowers, chirping birds and being lazy in the sun with a good book. I live in Arizona and being lazy in the sun happens a lot (with a TON of sunscreen of course) at this time of the year. An iced tea in one hand, glasses and books in the other, and I’m ready to head off to my favorite spot in my backyard – by the pool.

What books am I reading now? Quite a few and I decided to spread the love by giving away not one, not two, but THREE e-books for the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop organized by Kathy @ I’m A Reader Not A Writer and co-hosted by Uniquely Moi Books between June 20th and June 26th.  Thank you, ladies!

I haven’t read these books yet, only downloaded them. They all seem quite interesting, I hope they’ll pique your interest. Leave your info in the form below and come back for the winner announcement on June 27th, the day after the giveaway ends.

Now to the books:

one e-copy of Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

one e-copy of Easy by Tammara Webber

one e-copy of The Vincent Boys by Abbie Glines

Good luck everyone!

New Toy

26 Mar

I have to confess: I did the unthinkable. I year ago I would’ve bet my empty wallet I’d never do it. A month ago I would’ve told you, “Ain’t gonna happen. No way. No shape. No how.”

And yet here I am, committing the one crime I thought I’m not capable of. Owning an…iPad. Reading books in e-format. Downloading tons of books. Staying up all night, glued to the screen and read until not even toothpicks can help keeping my eyes open. For the past two weeks since I got the iPad, my sleeping habits have changed. I need more concealer to cover the dark circles under my eyes.

The moral of the story?

Never say never.