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The Art In You. The Art In Me.

20 Nov

As colors are to a painter

So is clay to a sculptor.

As notes are to a composer

So are words to a writer.


Free your eyes to see

Free your mind to discover.

Free your heart to feel

Free your soul to wonder.


The Art in you.

The art in me.

Be free.

Be you.


Copyright © 2012 Camelia Miron Skiba

New Toy

26 Mar

I have to confess: I did the unthinkable. I year ago I would’ve bet my empty wallet I’d never do it. A month ago I would’ve told you, “Ain’t gonna happen. No way. No shape. No how.”

And yet here I am, committing the one crime I thought I’m not capable of. Owning an…iPad. Reading books in e-format. Downloading tons of books. Staying up all night, glued to the screen and read until not even toothpicks can help keeping my eyes open. For the past two weeks since I got the iPad, my sleeping habits have changed. I need more concealer to cover the dark circles under my eyes.

The moral of the story?

Never say never.