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Buried in snow–Romania under deadly weather

10 Feb

My skyping this morning with my parents back home in Romania gave me something to worry about. Villages and fields are entirely under snow. Some parts of the country measure  4-5 meters (about 12-16 feet) of snow.

The first thing I did after hanging up with my parents was to search online news and images and I found the video below. Unfortunately it’s not translated, but the images speak for themselves.

Farmers walk on top of their houses. They have no water, no electricity, no way to reach for wood to warm up their home. Food is sparse. Their animals (aside from a few dogs freely venturing outside) are left to starve because no one can reach them.

The worse of all–they can’t bury their dead, but keep them in the house (covered in blankets) until the roads clear enough to take them to cemeteries.