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Anywhere. Anytime. Anyway.

9 May

I’m one of those lucky people who can up and travel anywhere and anytime I want. Seriously. By private jets, by fancy yachts, by dark limousine or by foot carrying my own backpack. To freezing temperatures one day or to places where the sun shines its gold upon the world the next day. Atop the highest mountain peak or the finest sandy beach, you name it and I was there and then some more.


I spend time among the Siberian tigers, watching them hunt their next meal or teaching their cubs how to survive. I have the next adventure at my fingertips—one snap and I’m dancing among Flamingos on the shores of the Lake Nakuru in Kenya.flamingos

If I feel social, I’m on a plane to New York. As soon as I land I’m in the midst of the biggest crowd down Madison Avenue, observing its colors and taking its pulse.


I know I’m lucky because not only do I get the chance to do all of that whenever I want but I do it for free (did I mention I know how lucky I am?) For the past five years I didn’t spend one penny traveling around the world. Not one. Either 5-star resorts, personal cook and driver, or warming a can of beans under infinite skies, whatever my mood—I did it all.


Sometimes our own world is not enough. It’s then when I explore places no one else has set foot on. Sometime I travel to planets outside our galaxy. Or among scary beings like vampires, werewolves or zombies (my least favorite of all creatures).


You might ask how can I afford all of this? It’s simple: because I’m free to imagine it.