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Mondays are for Excerpts

8 Sep


“Since when?”

“Since when what?” Tessa said, losing her patience.

“Since when do you two hang out together, silly!”

“We don’t hang out. We work together, it’s different. Sometimes we have lunch together, sometimes dinner. It’s really a lot of work to put together such an event, you know, especially when it has never been done before. And quit asking all these crazy questions. There are other more important things I want to talk to you about.”

“So, how long?”

Tessa sighed and rummaged through her brain, trying to remember when she first went out with Cristian.

“About five weeks ago.”

“How often do you see him?”

“Chiara, I’m going to hang up on you. What are you trying to find out? There is nothing else, but two people that have something in common with the same goal. Quit drilling!”

“I’ll call back, so you might as well answer anyway. Now stop getting mad, and answer my last question: how often?”

Tessa shook her head. “Almost every day, depending on what we’re working on. The days we don’t see each other, we speak a few times on the phone.”

“Is he cute?”

Tessa thought for a second and said, “Yeah, I guess.”

“You just guess, you’re not sure?”

“What’s your point?”

Tessa heard a teapot whistling in the background, a cup placed on a saucer and the sound of liquid pouring into a cup. The noises came so clear through the phone line, she got up and walked mechanically to the kitchen to start a cup of green tea for herself, still waiting for Chiara to respond to her question. She heard Chiara blowing in her tea, taking a sip and then, “Gottverdammt!”

“Wow, nice language,” Tessa said, laughing.

“I just burned my tongue,” Chiara laughed, too. “Going back to our discussion. The reason I asked all those questions is because when the construction crew came to work on your house for the first time, you freaked out. Remember, you called me from your bathroom, after you locked yourself in and I tried for how long to convince you that no one would harm you?”

“Uh-huh . . .”

“Now, four months later you are actually able to be in the same room with a man, without feeling threatened, talk with him and behave normally. You’ve found something you’re passionate about, maybe not as rewarding financially as you were used to, but it gives you a new goal and perspective on what really matters to you. My point is that you might not see it, but you’ve made progress. You renovated your house, and at the same time, you’ve also healed. Maybe not completely, but you’re on your way to a full recovery.”

“Do you think?”

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Me, Myself and March

1 Mar

I know, kind of a weird title, don’t you think? But in my defense it’s about the month of March and how busy it’ll be for me. So, it is about me, myself and March.

The month starts with a great tradition we Romanian people have, called Martisor.


We celebrate for 8 days (cool tradition, huh?), from March 1st until March 8th which is our national Mother’s Day. Women wear these trinkets for the entire month, reminding us of spring knocking on our doors, but also who loves us (we receive the trinkets from boyfriends/husbands/fathers, etc).

I have to admit I don’t really celebrate Martisor anymore since I moved to the US, but Mom is still visiting so we plan on getting together with my oldest sister and my cousin for a little party. We need this since mom is leaving on March 5th. We spent the past 6 months together talking our heads off until late at night, laughing, crying, soaking in the sun, and our bond became so strong, so intense, so deep unlike any other relationship. Mom, I will be missing you like crazy!

photo (16)

My friend Tina along with her lovely hubby John is visiting until March 6th. They are from New Jersey and contemplate moving to AZ. I say: pack and come faster! If you love sun 365 days a year, a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, and not too crazy traffic then AZ is the place to leave.

March 14th I’m leaving for the Festival of Books held  at Univ. of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.


Between March 15-16 from 9:30am and 5:30pm you’ll find me in booth 107 along with some of my favorite authors: Kris Tualla, Morgan Kearns, Deena Remiel, Mimi Sebastian, Virginia Nelson to name a few, and many, many more. This is an incredible opportunity for you, your family and your friends to buy books at incredible affordable prices, receive swag, bookmarks and participate in countless giveaways.

March 17th I’m participating in the Toastmasters Tall Tales Contest at the district level. I won the club’s contest with a story about how I grew up in the land of Dracula. And yes, I lived among vampires.

March 21st I will be teaching a workshop about the importance of a critique group during the process of writing. The workshop will be held at Dog-Eared Pages a fantastic library in Phoenix you MUST check it out. I’ll start promptly at 5:30pm for an hour log presentation followed for Q&A. If you want an autographed book then don’t miss out on this event. I have a really nice pen I’ll be using 😉



Dog-Eared Pages Used Books 

16428 N. 32nd Street 

Phoenix, Arizona 85032 

I look forward to Natalie and Caleb’s wedding on March 28th. Can’t wait for these two to tie the knot, two beautiful and incredible individuals who I’ve known for a couple of years now, ready to start on their together journey through marriage, family and love.

This pretty much wraps my March so far. I haven’t mentioned my Toastmasters Club meetings every Thursday starting at 6:30pm. I try to make it to all of them, but then again life gets in the way and I miss a few. I still struggle with my fear of public speaking but I can see a big difference in my attitude since joining it. If you like me fear public speaking I encourage you to find a Toastmasters Club near you and join it. It really helps, promise. 

I also didn’t mention my nephew’s surgery, which is scheduled on the same day as my mom’s departure, March 5th. Talk about bad timing. He’s been in the hospital on and off since September of last year until December 18th when the doctors removed his colon (mind you he is only 19yr. old). This will be his second surgery, with one more to go until he will finally function normal.

I rarely get so personal on my blog, usually keeping my family’s affairs out of it, but I think it’s important for you all to know that as a writer we don’t stop being someone’s child, someone’s cousin, sibling, friend, co-worker, parent, spouse and the list can continue. We don’t stop cooking, doing laundry, taking out pet to a grooming appointment, watching a movie or going on a date with our partners. We do all of the above. And then some more when our imaginary friends talk to us, one story at the time.

New love–Caramel Macchiato

28 Mar

A while ago my friend Tami (the best nail technician ever @ Pink Polish in Chandler, AZ and whom I see every other week, religiously) turned me into Caramel Macchiato. We take turns who buys it and, while she takes care of my nails, we also drink Carmel Macchiato and talk about life, family, books we’ve read, shoes we bought and vacation plans.

Over the summer we drink it cold with extra ice and whip cream. Now that’s cold we drink it hot, with regular milk and whip cream. It’s delicious, sweet and bitter at the same time with an extra zing of… fluffiness 😉  And yes, it’s addictive!

What’s your favorite coffee?

No Comment

7 Jan

Last night I got the following message and, after asking Tina for permission to post it here on my blog, here it is:

  I have to tell you I loved A World Apart. I’m thinking about how I want to write my review, because I don’t put in spoilers.  I’m telling you personally that I  laughed and I cried.  When I got to where Laura told them about her pregnancy and was sent home, I started crying and didn’t stop til about the time they were ending David’s deployment. Then when the mother brought the piece of  Robert’s uniform, I started crying all over again til the end. Mind you it was 3:30 this morning and I was lying in bed reading with my little flashlight when I got to the part with Laura, I had to get up so I didn’t wake my husband. Well, after that there was no way I was going to stop reading then! I was up til 0830 EST (like that? John & I were with our township volunteer ambulance squad for a few years) until I came to the end. 
 I would also like to thank you for doing the 3-day 60-mile Susan G Komen Walk.  My mother was only 49 years old when she lost her battle with breast cancer back in 1993 Shortly after her passing I was pregnant with my son, then 1 1/2 yrs later I wound up with “Failed Back Syndrome” with nerve damage down both legs. I can’t walk more than 30 mins at a time (some days I can barely move the pain gets so bad) so can not do that walk, I THANK YOU for my mother. 
  I am so glad that I somehow stumbled upon Goodreads in September, that “Hidden Heart” sounded so interesting to me, that I entered & won to be one of the people to read your book.  It has been a blessing to get to know you. Though I don’t know you well, I think you are a wonderful woman and it is “my honor” to know you and consider you my friend, not just someone I know. You are one of the reasons I had my daughter set me up & show me some basics of Facebook, so that I can help spread the word of wonderful authors and the books they write.  I can’t wait for your next book, I hope you continue to  write & wish you the best with all of them.                 
 Thanks for taking the time to read what’s in my thoughts when I think of you.
With love to you & your family,