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Winner Announcement for Kris Tualla’s Book

28 Aug

Congrats to Judy @ comment # 9 winning the giveaway from last week’s post featuring Kris Tualla’s interview.


Giveaway and Guest Post by Amy Gregory, Author of Racing To Love

28 Jun

I recently began collaborating with Liz @ Coffee Beans & Love Scenes to promote various authors and their work. I met Liz during my virtual book tour, actually she organized it for me. We stayed in touch and now I’m part of her team of bloggers spreading the word about new books.

Today’s guest post and giveaway feature author Amy Gregory here with her latest release Racing To Love, a contemporary romance. For your chance to win one e-copy of this witty and sweet love story leave your comment at the end of this post, answering the following question: Where did Carter meet Molly? (hint: read the blurb below…)


From the outside, Molly West had everything, beauty, brains, and a career she’d retired from not once, but twice.  Being in the limelight and in a sport that was male driven, she was often surrounded men.  She ignored first the boys, and as she got older, the men.  Unfortunately, they were all the same, all after one thing, and she had absolutely no use for them.  Her cold shoulder and patented not a chance in hell look were usually enough to get her point across.  Occasionally, she had to resort to her sass—and her brother.

Molly had no plans in changing what was a perfectly good system. That is until she walked into the pits.  When she stood toe-to-toe with the sex in jeans, she knew right then and there that the man her adoptive mother always told her was out there, was now standing right in front of her.

Carter Sterling had traveled the racing circuit since he was a boy.  He’d heard all the old standbys, She’s out there somewhere, love comes along when you least expect it.  Good things come to those that… Yeah, he’d heard them all.  The last place he expected to meet the love of his life was on a pro track.  All she did was smile, and he knew, looking into her sapphire blue eyes, Molly West was his.  Forever.

If it was only that easy.  From the moment he laid eyes on her, he had a gripping feeling in him.  An overwhelming need to protect her.  A girl he’d just met.  Carter had learned a long time ago that gut feelings are almost never wrong.

Molly now held his heart in her hands, but it was going to take a lot more than just love to protect her from the past she thought she’d buried a long time ago.

About the Author:

Amy Gregory leads an incredibly active lifestyle in Kansas City with her husband and their three fantastic kids who keep them running in three very different directions.  When she’s not rushing her oldest daughter to tumbling, her youngest daughter to music lessons, or sitting track-side watching her son practice motocross, she’s taking the few minutes in between to scribble the next pages in her Racing to Love series.

When asked, “When do you have time to write?” Amy Gregory giggles.  “In bits and pieces,” she says. 

Amy is known for her snarky, off the cuff sense of humor, which you’ll find shining through in the characters she’s created.  Her debut novel, Racing to Love, Carter’s Treasure, is set for release June 7, 2012.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and now I’ve finally found it. – Amy Gregory

Visit Amy at http://www.amygregory548.blogspot.com.

And here your guest post by Amy:

I recently read a book that the ending upset me so badly I wasn’t even able to pick up the author’s next book in the series.  There are two ways to look at this.  One, the author was successful in getting me THAT engaged in the story.  BUT – two, she was dangerously close to losing me as a reader forever.  I will admit that I cheated and had a good friend tell me the ending of the series so I could continue on without a complete fear of a horrible ending.  Without that, I would never have picked up the next two books.  Her other problem is that, as a romance author, I am often asked for book recommendations, so…  Don’t worry, she is back on my good list again.

A HEA is an absolute requirement for me to pick up a book.  I hate to sound like a complete, um well you know, but I have so little time to read, even though I love to read dearly.  When you combine that with how messy and sometimes ugly real life can be, I want to enjoy the book.  I want to escape and have what only fiction can give you.  I guess that is why I write. I fell in love with romance novels clear back in the day when I picked up Judy Blume’s Forever. 

That book changed my life.  I fell in love with a genre that has now become my life.  I fall in love with my characters, I cry with them, I laugh my butt off with them, I snicker when they’re ornery and I have that heart-clenching moment when the pieces all fall into place for them.  I will only write HEA—ever.  I guess I like knowing that when the last page is turned, that my world is happy, my people are exactly where they need to be and have everything they need.  Even though these people and this world is all in my head, at least it’s a happy little place to be…lol.

Sherry Gammon + Unlovable = YA novel turned into movie

15 May

As promised in the beginning of the LDS Authors Giveaway Hop I have an interview with Sherry Gammon, author of Unlovable.

Sherry is not only a very talented, promising author of young adult novels, but she’s also a very dear friend of mine. Sherry’s work is so incredible, she recently signed a movie contract for her first novel Unlovable. How cool is that?

Sherry–thank you so very much for stopping by. Congratulations on your movie contract, I can’t wait for the premiere. I’m curious about your work and your journey through publishing.

For me, getting a bad review gets me through several phases (from I-can’t-believe-is-happening-to-me, to I’m-so-done-writing, to not-even-God-can-possibly-satisfy-everyone’s-preference to I’m-so-ready-to-prove-them-wrong). How do you react to a bad review?

Luckily I haven’t had very many, nor have you, but at first I was devastated. You pour your heart and soul in to a novel and someone trashes it. Then I noticed that the people who give one and two stars are USUALLY (not always) the people who rate most novels poorly. Their reviews are less about critiquing and more about trashing the author and the author’s work. For me, the 3 star ratings are much better at honestly critiquing novels and I learn more from them. I may not agree with everything they have to say, but I do find them more helpful. Now when I want to buy a book to read, I read only the 3+ star reviews. I no longer read the 1 and 2 star reviews of my work or any author’s work.

Family and friends were all eager to buy my books. Sold all the hardcopies I had in less than a week. I thought, “This is piece of cake!” I remember receiving a notice from Amazon telling me in the next 5 days I will receive X amount for my sales. I went to Outback with my family to celebrate. How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?

I didn’t! I don’t know why I haven’t, but with 6900 copies now sold, I think I deserve the Outback. Oh, Honey… ;}

Take pictures and frame them as “Celebrating Unlovable’s Fabulous Sales”.

Scenes pop in my head like popcorn in a microwave, triggered by as little as a gesture, an image, news headline or even random dialogue I hear down the street. Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?

Everywhere, same as you. I’ve been disturbed by an article I read that talked about what seems to by the growing rate of teen subside. I am currently working on a book that deals with this very topic tentatively titled Soul in Peril.

I’m not identifying myself with any of my characters, yet each one of them has a part of me. Can you see yourself in any of your characters?

No. Again, like you I try and put a piece of myself in each one. I feel, for me, this helps to identify with them better. I understand why they do what they do, and what they would do in a certain situation.

The best advice I give anyone who wants to become a writer is edit, edit, edit. When you think you’re done, edit some more. What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?

Edit and read your genre. Get a good feel for your target market.

 Aside from writing I have a few other hobbies, the strongest one reading. What are your interests outside of writing?

I love to decorate, being with my family, and I enjoy bubble bathes!

Promoting your work is as time consuming as any other regular job, if not more demanding. What do you do to promote your books?

Book blogs and giveaways have been the most successful for me. I also respond to every comment I get and I thank people for positive reviews.

I used to work on one story at the time. Lately I have multiple stories. What projects are you working on and when should we expect another release?

I just finished a fun short story for an anthology for Prose by Design due out in June titled Pete and Tink. It’s about a very geeky boy whose mother wishes on a star for help. And boy, does he get it in the form of a 6 inch . . . I mean, 5-and-a-half inch faery. I’m also working on the story I already mention titled Soul in Peril.

In a few words what is this story about.

Soul in Peril is about a kid named Max who has it all: handsome, star baseball player, dating the head cheerleader. Until tragedy strikes. It’s also about a kid named JD whose life is the opposites of Max’s. He’s the school nerd, overweight, tragic home life and he’s nicknamed Lumpy Larry by some of the kids at school. These two come together to help each other survive in a very unique way. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, for me anyway. I want to hold both of these two and tell them it will be okay.

Thanks for sponsoring this! I’m really excited.

With only a few days left in the LDS Author Giveaway Hop your chance to win either an e-copy or a paperback of Unlovable is only a click away. Fill out the form below and you’re all set.

Good luck everyone!


Who’s Your BFF?

9 Mar

I’m today guest blogging @ House Millar, the website of talented paranormal author Aine P. Massie, about friends and what they mean to us.

Back home in Romania we have different words describing the level of friendship with someone. If I want to refer to a person as my best friend, then I say prieten. If it’s an acquaintance then I refer to him/her as an amic/a.

When I moved to the U.S. over eight years ago, I knew no one, except my husband. I was a stay-at-home mom for the first six months and spent a lot of time bored out of my mind, cleaning every day as if a herd of bulls ran down my house on a regular basis. I met a few neighbors, a few of my husband’s co-workers, my husband’s family… but a real friend, a person I could just sit down and chat with, I had no one. For a while my husband’s ex-wife (yeah, you read it correctly, his ex-wife) helped me get around, taking me to a hairdresser, shopping or we would just hang out by the pool. read more

Why Do You Write? Guest blog with Author Jeffery Moore

5 Nov

I think it’s time for me to introduce my fellow critique partners or peeps as I like to call them.

With two of them I’ve been for almost two years, Cindy C Bennett and Jeffery Moore. We met during an online class and stayed in contact even after. We began exchanging chapters for reviews and eight books later (between the three of us) we are still together. A few months ago we added a third member, Sherry Gammon, who has one book published and a second one soon to be released.

I decided to interview Jeff first since he’s the only man in our group (not sure how he manages to handle three chicks J) and today’s prompt is “Why do you write?”

Why do I write?

This is a core question for all writers and each writer will have a different response. The more you try to answer this question the deeper into your psyche you may go…maybe even places you don’t want to visit. For instance, what does it say about a person who is writing for money? Who is writing for fame? Is writing to fill a void in their life?

Following is a quick write-up about me. Obviously, I didn’t explore that deeply, fearing release of a horror show that is best kept locked up.

I consider myself a calm, easygoing person by nature. I’m not outgoing and have only a few friends outside of our little writing group. I keep to myself and pay my bills. I know this sounds like a profile for a serial killer. I am unemotional to the point of wondering if I am a borderline sociopath, but I’m not cold or distant. I am affectionate to my family members. I take pleasure in helping others and being generous…sometime I even hold a door open for other people…only sometimes.

Many times I wonder what makes me this way. Nurture versus nature? My brother is the opposite from me. He surrounds himself with many friends and is very outgoing. He has a jovial nature about him I envy.

I doubt my personality is what makes me want to write. I seriously doubt this a template for a writer.

So why do I write? And given today’s environment, why would anyone want to write? I guess that’s why they call it zeal.

One thing that may help me answer this question is that I am passionate to a fault. When there is something I want to do or want to achieve, it becomes an obsession. I don’t know where this comes from. I don’t recall my mother or father having such a strong compulsion toward something that everything around them—people and environment—became a cardboard backdrop to life. This is what happens to me when I’m “in the zone”. God bless Cathy for loving me for only love can tolerate my selfishness when I’m in the zone. I’m certain I appear as a manikin to her, and I may as well be for all the attention I give her.

I think writing exaggerates that zeal…that drive and desire in me, but this is only one element of the formula. The second part is my near rabid imagination. Hell, I’ll see a perfume add in one of Cathy’s magazines and begin to formulate a story around it. Who knew the thing that hampered my education would become so rewarding later in life. Third is motivation, which is probably the most difficult part of the formula to define. The motivation has to come from somewhere. Motivation is not finding, but making the time to put pen to paper…to edit and try to better learn the craft…to scrap, rewrite, scrap, rewrite until I feel it’s the best I can create. I only wish I had combined my predisposition to zeal, imagination, and motivation earlier in life.

Yet, this does not explain why I write. This may give insight to what makes me write, but not why.

It wasn’t until I was on a long deployment when in the military that I actually began writing. I wrote hundreds of little snippets of stories in verse. Being separated from my family for eighteen months was a trial for both me and my family. It was and has been the hardest thing I’ve ever endured. The loneliness crushed me so much so that I resigned my commission and began a new career. That’s how my zeal began…borne from deprivation of those I love. From there, it just seemed to evolve into wanting to become a better writer. I attribute the full manifestation of my zeal and passion for writing to the first story I formulated as a result of those verse snippets—an epic adventure—and thought it was good.

For a list, link, and description of Jeffery’s titles, visit: http://www.jefferyemoore.com

Fun Friday with Susan Ricci

7 Oct

As part of the ongoing Indie Writers Unite Blog Tour, my next guest is Susan Ricci. Instead of doing the usual—an interview—Susan gracefully agreed for a guest blog. Susan is really funny. I follow her posts on IWU and I find myself many times with a big smile on my face or burst out laughing.

Here’s mine, yours and ours, Susan Ricci:


To quote my host, Camelia Skiba, I’m honored to share this:  “It doesn’t matter where you come from.  It doesn’t matter where you go.  Love will always find its way to your heart.  Believe.”

Darn, this is a serious coincidence. Because this quotation summarizes my theme, regarding my humorous, self-help narrative, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems.

Is this book published?  Nope.  And I’m a bit embarrassed within the IWU group, because it seems EVERYBODY has publishing going on with Amazon, SmashWords, etc.  When I said on Facebook I felt like a small cog in the IWU wheel of fortune last night, I wasn’t kidding.

Read further (or backwards) on my host’s blog, September 25, 2011:  “Self Publishing–My Journey”, hers is another voice speaking the reality of today’s publishing world, and the arrow is pointing me in a direction I’m just beginning to understand.  For an oldie like me, I sometimes sit on the fence, absorbing both worlds: Traditional publishing or Indie, but only because I’m still learning. And, I’m not afraid to admit I’m not sure how to fly just yet, although I find more support on the IWU I’ve seen any where to date.  And I respect and feel a true affection for my peeps there.

Yesterday, I was in a real poor mood.  My auto, which I’d just made the final payment on, was hit in the middle of the night last week, tossed sideways on my lawn, and pronounced totaled by the insurance folks.  I sprained my wrist, my computer got hacked, and I was having a real bitch-fest with myself.  Until I saw the sad news about Steve Jobs, who passed away from Pancreatic cancer.

Made me count my blessings, in a real big hurry.  I have my health.  I have my kids and my hubby, so what else is there, really?  Love found a way to my heart.  Maybe it was a bit late in life, but it showed up eventually.  Refer to my blog post via www.susanjeanricci.com, from September, Terrific Number Three.  Everything good that’s ever happened to me, happened to me in threes.

I’ve enjoyed a great writer’s life for many years, this I can share with absolute certainty.  My first submission into the writing arena was when I submitted my neighborhood newspaper, The Hill Weekly, to President John F. Kennedy when I was 10, and I received autographed photos of he and his family, with a hand written thanks for sharing my work. (Probably worth a good deal of money on EBay, but I’m holding on to it).  I’m dating myself, I know, but so what?  It was the starting point of my career, and one I ‘m proud to share.  I’m published in magazines, have won several damn-decent writing awards, and made a name for myself in my local newspaper.  Now I just want to share my book, and I will.

I’ve been revising a contemporary novel, Slick Trespass, but it’s currently on the back burner, since I want to focus on my reality narrative.  I’m convinced my project may help others in similar situations, like what happened with me.  The Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems ‘fossils’ are about making your baggage work FOR you instead of souring your outlook on the future.  When you achieve my age, maybe you just want to help others, so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Today I tweeted this message:  “When life hands you a sour apple, throw the darn thing away and go savor a navel orange.”  I posted it because it made me feel better.  Hopefully, it made someone else think about their own junk in a better light.  For sure, I’m a lucky lady…

And, by the way, The light’s still on, at the end of the tunnel.

To find more about Susan visit her website at www.susanjeanricci.com

or Twitter at http://Susanjeanricci/Susan Ricci