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New beginning–same emotions

22 Aug

I remember. I remember my son’s first day of school, back home in Romania. On a sunny September morning I took his hand in mine and walked into the school’s yard. Walked among hundred of other students and their parents, all excited for the new beginning.

I remember his palm fitting in mine, holding tight and not ready to let go. I felt his nervousness and all I wanted was to hug him and take it some how from him and replace it with calm and love and reassurance that everything will be okay.

Today, twelve years later I am blessed to see him go off to college, his once again first day of school. A different kind of school—for bigger people—but the emotions pooling in my heart still the same as back then.

Before his first class this morning I met him for an ice tea at the bookstore on campus. Instead of holding hands we hugged (he gives the best hugs ever). Placing his chin atop my head he wrapped his long arms around me and squeezed.

“Hi, Mom,” he said with a smile.

“Hi, kiddo,” I replied. “Ready for your big day?”

“Ready and excited.”

We waited in line at Starbucks and made small talk. A cup of ice tea, and a hug later I saw him walk away from me, my heart so full of love and pride I’m surprised it didn’t explode.  

I said a silent prayer and sent him to conquer the world.

Go get them, Tiger!

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2013–May each day be a great day!

1 Jan

Happy New Year everyone! May your hearts and homes be filled with love, joy and sun. To new beginnings, to new adventures. Whatever the future holds don’t forget to enjoy today and now.

As I was waiting for Uncle Sleep to take me on his wings into his realm last night I thought to myself my 2013 resolution was each day I’m blessed to wake up I’ll tell myself:



The Queen of Laundry hits the Jackpot

3 Nov

I had to post this quickly in between loads of laundry (yes, authors do their laundry in case you wondered…)

A long time ago I made this rule for my family that, if I find money in their pockets when I’m the queen of laundry (usually at the end of the week), I’ll keep it, be it $ .1 or $100. They agreed with a smirk on their faces, probably thinking it ain’t gonna happened.

I mostly find tissues or gum wraps, sometime a few coins or $1.00 the most, and I have to admit it’s discouraging. But today I hit the jackpot: $10.00.

To all my fellow women out there doing laundry I wish you all a jackpot if not bigger than mine, at least of equal value. You will feel like a real queen of laundry.


Funny gifts (some) husbands appreciate

24 Oct

On my trip to New York I picked for my husband the picture below  (it’s not on paper, but rather on metal). He absolutely LOVES it! He has it up on the wall in his happy place (his garage).

The moral of the story: always tell the truth and nothing but the truth. People will appreciate your honesty.

Question 4 U: what’s the funniest gift you gave to someone or you personally received?