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One more time …

7 Jan

Every time I lose focus there is this card on my desk that reminds me of what’s important: little steps and staying on track.


I remember exactly when I bought it and the way it made me feel: free and hopeful. Free of worries that I’m not a good enough writer, that my books aren’t read enough and that I can never achieve greatness. Worries that I am a looser. Maybe I am a looser but one day I will be a winner, because I keep trying….

Totally random

24 Jul

Sometimes I crave music. Music that inspires/ touches/ moves/ reaches the very cords of my soul. Music that takes me places higher then the most distant galaxy and deeper than the earth’s center. Music that makes me stop and stare at the beauty around me: the blue sky, the green trees, the chirping bird, the workaholic ant.

What this type of music also allows me is write another sentence, plot another scene, discover another hero. I love it when I’m so inspired and words come to life one page after another. And since this music feeds my muse I thought–totally random–I’ll share with you my top three songs right this moment. Feel free to share yours!

3. Just Give Me A Reason-P!nk ft. Nate Ruess

2. People Like Us —Kelly Clarkson

1. Beneath Your Beautiful–Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande

Ryan Winfield’s South of Bixby Bridge–ADDICTIVE!

3 Apr

I’m not an addict. I’m not. Never been drunk in my life. Never seen drugs in real life, let alone touching or inhaling/injecting them. I only play a few games (Scrabble, Lines, Words with Friends, Chinese Chess) and that’s if my son joins me.

And yet there is something I’m in danger of becoming addicted to–Ryan Winfield’s work.

By the way his debut novel is acclaimed I probably won’t say anything that hasn’t already been said, but SOBB is by a mile one of the best books I’ve read. It’s not as much the story, which brings to mind a dalliance between Wall Street, Limitless and Two for the Money, but the author’s voice. For that alone I give it more stars than I can count. Never read anything even remotely close to it. Refreshing, engaging, inspiring, through and through pure art at its best.

There are people out there for which telling stories comes natural, captivating audience in a matter of minutes. Ryan Winfield is one of them—a painter if you will, masterfully and effortlessly painting vivid scenes not by using brushes, but with words instead. Reading the first paragraph I was surprised how easily I could imagine the scene. By the time I finished the first page I was hooked. Coffee and chocolate helped me stay up all night to finish it. No way I could put it down!

Unfortunately I can never describe a book without giving away the story (what can I say? I’m not perfect). But let me tell you this: as one who has never tried drugs or been drunk in my entire life, the journey addict Trevor Roberts embarks on is a riveting life lesson. It’s not about where he goes, but how he makes it there. You’re down, hitting rock bottom with the hero, feeling his struggle, denial, torment, and sorrow. You’re up with him, high, rooting for him to get on the other side of the bridge, one step at a time. Rarely does a book embody a range of emotions such as this.

There are no quotation marks in this book, but I promise you, you’ll know who’s talking. It might be difficult in the beginning, but once you grasp it, you won’t even notice it. The connection between present time and past memories is smoothly created, without jarring the reader away from the storyline. The book is entirely written from Trevor’s point of view without one second of monotony, but rather engaging and intriguing. The story is paced, building up, until the climax with a comforting aftermath.

I sure hope I won’t have to wait too long until his next release…