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The Queen of Laundry hits the Jackpot

3 Nov

I had to post this quickly in between loads of laundry (yes, authors do their laundry in case you wondered…)

A long time ago I made this rule for my family that, if I find money in their pockets when I’m the queen of laundry (usually at the end of the week), I’ll keep it, be it $ .1 or $100. They agreed with a smirk on their faces, probably thinking it ain’t gonna happened.

I mostly find tissues or gum wraps, sometime a few coins or $1.00 the most, and I have to admit it’s discouraging. But today I hit the jackpot: $10.00.

To all my fellow women out there doing laundry I wish you all a jackpot if not bigger than mine, at least of equal value. You will feel like a real queen of laundry.