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Why Do You Write? Guest Dana Sitar

22 Nov

My next guest in the series “Why Do You Write?” is author Dana Sitar.


Dana is a freelance writer and editor, and author of the ongoing short story series This Artists’ Life. Her work-in-progress, The Mailee Stories (a novel), is scheduled to publish in 2012. Although she’s busy at work during the NaNoWriMo contest this year, Dana agreed to share with us her story. Enjoy!

Why do I write?

My favorite answer to this that I’ve been hearing from fellow artists is, “I can’t do anything else.”

It’s not because we’re incapable – many of us are really skilled at a lot of things. But, why did we choose to pursue this art – the hardest, most uncertain, and least lucrative of our choices? Because, nothing else fits. Nothing else works for us. That has become my answer, the best way to explain an inexplicable obsession.

I write, because nothing else fits. No subject in school, no job I’ve held, no hobby I’ve attempted rings the bell like writing. No person in my life trumps my writing. No drug soothes my soul like writing does – they usually just inspire me to write.

Writing fits me. I started to do it without thinking about doing it – I just bought a journal from the impulse rack at Maurice’s when I was eleven because I liked the cover art – and it became my hobby. I never considered myself a writer, because anyone can keep a journal and write papers for school. I just happened to enjoy it, and I was (am) a huge geek for language.

I began to write more and more deliberately, and finally, I began to write for an audience when I started my first blog back in 2008 (RIP). My prospects for success in any other life have slowly dwindled since then. Each mini-success in writing is a drug that I need more and more of as I go, and I finally developed a tolerance for life in the Real World and decided to leave it behind.

Now, I write for money, and sometimes, that is the only reason behind the things that I am writing. Most of the time I’m lucky enough to do writing that I enjoy and get paid for it, but, nonetheless, writing has become a job now, that scary fact that so many jaded artists who have gone before me are quick to recall.

But, we keep doing it. I keep writing, because it still gets me more high every time I do it. And, frankly, I can’t not do it. The novel I’m working on now exists because of the character whose introduction wrote itself in my head while I was in the shower one day. I only wrote it down because it needed a place to go, and I became obsessed with what would happen to her next.

We can’t afford that kind of distraction on the production line. So, I write.

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