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Live PUI @ Golden Globe Awards 2012

15 Jan

Found a new acronym: PUI  which stands for Presenting Under the Influence and I nominate Ricky Gervais as the first recipient of the PUI.

I’ve been looking for interesting movies to watch and what better place than Golden Globe Awards 2012 to find them, since the best were nominated tonight. Glamour at its best, fashion at its core and cascading beauty at every corner.

Aside from the cheesy advertising for Kraft cheese and one too many Jack In The Box commercials interrupting the presentation there was one thing throughout the night that really bothered me. Ricky Gervais drinking while presenting. Ricky Gervais drinking while joking. Ricky Gervais drinking while… drinking… Really? Was it really necessary to come out on the stage with a glass of alcohol every single time he had something to say? Was it? And his jokes. Pleeease, someone make him shut up. He might be actually funnier… not talking. Seriously.