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I no longer hate…

18 Mar

Today I’m @ Deborah’s website Love To Read Romance and let me tell you she’s one of the nicest people I met during my book tour. There are two (major) things Deborah and I have in common: books and a soft heart for all men and women in uniform. I have a feeling her and I will become really good friends in the years to come and I certainly look forward to it.

Today’s post is about growing up hating, surrounded by despair and poorness. In my miserable attempt to survive Communism I failed to recognize that Romanians weren’t the only nation suffering from the plagued disease. You’ll get a glimpse into Konrad Bak’s childhood, my dear friend from Poland. Konrad is the photographer I had the blessed chance to work with on the cover for my first novel HIDDEN HEART. His lovely wife Iwona is the model on it. To see what Romanians and Polish people have in common please visit Love To Read Romance.

A Soldier’s Mother gives 5 Stars to A World Apart

19 Feb

Second day at Love To Read Romance couldn’t start better. I had no idea Deborah’s son is in the military and as you all know A World Apart IS dedicated to all men and women in uniform. So for her to read AND love the book sure hit home, so to speak. To hear directly from her how much she enjoyed my book tops all my expectations.

In her own words, “Ms Skiba dedicates this book to the fighting men and women overseas, which hits especially close to home for me, as the mother of a military man. Keep a hankie handy you may need it. I give it 5 stars and can’t wait to see what else Ms. Skiba does!”

I’m humbled and honored to have met Deb. Hop on over for the entire review and a giveaway.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Weekend @ Love To Read Romance

18 Feb

Got my cup of coffee and off I go on my book tour. Today and tomorrow I stop over at Deborah’s blog Love To Read Romance! for a guest post, a review and a giveaway.

Although the review is coming out on her website tomorrow, she already posted her review on GoodReads, considering A World Apart, “… a story with lots of emotion; two people from opposite sides of the earth are thrown together and have to deal with their troublesome pasts and an unpredictable future. Ms. Skiba is a very talented writer with powers of description that are clear and strong. She portrays characters that are very real. Her knowledge of things military and medical gives this story a lot of realism.”

Please stop by her site to read more.

Happy Reading!