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Jane Austen Giveaway Hop

18 Oct

The Jane Austen Giveaway Hop is organized by Kathy @ I’m A Reader Not A Writer and co-hosted by vvb32reads. It runs between 10/19 and 10/24 with the winner announcement on 10/25. 

I assume almost everyone read Pride and Prejudice, but not everyone saw the movie with the same titled starring Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennett and Matthew MacFadyen as the handsome Mr. Darcy. 

Favorite quote:

Mr. Darcy: I love you. Most ardently. Please do me the honor of accepting my hand. 
Elizabeth Bennet: Sir, I appreciate the struggle you have been through, and I am very sorry to have caused you pain. Believe me, it was unconsciously done. 
Mr. Darcy: Is this your reply? 
Elizabeth Bennet: Yes, sir. 
Mr. Darcy: Are you… are you laughing at me? 
Elizabeth Bennet: No. 
Mr. Darcy: Are you *rejecting* me? 
Elizabeth Bennet: I’m sure that the feelings which, as you’ve told me have hindered your regard, will help you in overcoming it. 
Mr. Darcy: Might I ask why, with so little endeavor at civility, I am thus repulsed? 
Elizabeth Bennet: And I might as well enquire why, with so evident a design of insulting me, you chose to tell me that you liked me against your better judgment.

Ahhh, how I love a witty heroine and an alpha hero…

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