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Merry Christmas! Craciun Fericit! Frohe Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad!

25 Dec

From my family to yours:

maxine-christmas 2

Happy Turkey Day!

27 Nov

As a born and raised Romanian, I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving until I moved to the US back in 2003. For a few years the entire family went to my in-laws’ house and enjoyed drool-worthy meals, laughter and being together.

Then, one year I felt courageous enough to invite everyone to our house. My in-laws would come the night before and, with my father in-law’s help, Mr. Turkey would be ready by the time guests would arrive.


This year I was again courageous (leaning towards crazy) and invited everyone over. 25 guests to be exact. My father-in-law thinks I need to learn on my own how to prep a turkey. Luckily I live near In & Out. If you are one of my guests don’t be surprised if you’ll end up eating a burger. Everything is possible.

From my family to yours,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Maxine tells it like it is

14 Dec

Starting to panic…


Calvin & Hobbes–Instant smile!

9 Apr

Mondays back in the office can be dreadful. But I know just the best recipe to get me in a good mood instantly… either Maxine or Calvin and Hobbes. So I keep a few prints on my tack-board above my desk… like this one:

And if this didn’t lift your spirit, how about this one?

Maj. David Hunt stops @ Romance Lives Forever

27 Mar

So many people have fallen in love with Maj. David Hunt, the main hero of my newest release A World Apart, that Kayelle @ Romance Lives Forever thought instead of interviewing me she’s interviewing … him. I love all my characters but David is by far my favorite (male hero) for his traits, but most of all for his flaws … I wish every woman out there to be loved by a man like David.

Have a blessed and sunny Tuesday everyone!

TGIF with Maxine

27 Jan

Fridays are so much fun! Fridays are the beginning of relaxing weekends, with staying up late and waking up even later, with dinners out, movies, visits, games or whatever else you’ve saved for the weekend. No need to worry about getting your kids to bed earlier, no need to set your alarm for the next day.

And what better way to celebrate Fridays than with one of Maxine’s quotes. A friend of mine sent mt the following and thought of sharing. Priceless!


28 Dec

Don’t know about you, but when I need a good laugh or a lift-me-up I either read Calvin and Hobbes or Maxine. If Maxine were a bit younger she could easily be Calvin’s mom. Seriously. He couldn’t get his corckiness from his dull parents, could he?

I love Calvin for his brains and Maxine for her sense of humor. I love Calvin for his pessimism and Maxine for her wisdom. Can you imagine what a story would that be if we put these cheese-heads together?

Who makes you laugh?