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Countdown to Cover Reveal–Part 2–Excerpt from A World Apart

6 May

As I mentioned in my last post, there will be a major cover reveal on May 25th for my military romance A WORLD APART. Please don’t forget to stop by to enter a giveaway for a $25.00 gift card at a retailer of your choice (Amazon, B&N or Starbucks 😉 )

In preparation for the cover reveal here an excerpt from the novel. Happy reading!


“Disobedient as well as disrespectful. Not a good combination for your superior to discover on your first day at work, Lt. Toma,” David said, picking a file from his desk and browsing through it.

Distinguished is another word for someone doing a remarkable job. Expressing one’s opinions shouldn’t be considered disrespectful, but rather honesty.”

David lifted his gaze to hers, the green in his eyes turning darker. “Your file is outstanding; after your surgery, I looked at your patient. You did a really good job. However, you know you broke procedure when you performed the surgery without being assigned to do it. And you not only acted on impulse, but you dragged a very good doctor into this mess. I’ve no choice, but to write you up.”

“Major Hunt, as the joint-medical-unit commander, I am to report to you. I didn’t break protocol because I am disobedient, as you call me, but because given the circumstances, I acted as a doctor. I’m a doctor before I’m an officer. I took an oath to save every life I can, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. The only request I have is to keep Dr. Constantin out of this. His rank forced him to obey my orders.”

Jumping to his feet, his voice growing sharper, David said, “You’re in no position to ask for favors.” He slammed both hands on his desk and walked around to face her. “You put me in an extremely uncomfortable position, and no matter what I do, I’ll be damned.”

His gaze bore down on her and Cassandra felt as if he melted her with the fire in his eyes. She wet her lips instinctively and took a step backward.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I . . . I don’t understand. How did I put you in a bad position?” She said, swallowing her pride.

David pushed a hand through his close-cropped blond hair and shook his head. Taking several breaths, he leaned against his desk, folding his arms across his broad chest.

“It’s simple: if I write you up, everyone in this hospital will talk about what an asshole I am for punishing someone for doing her job. If I don’t, then someone else will break the rules and procedures, and before long, chaos will be back in this place. And believe me, this place needs rules, more than anywhere else I’ve been deployed.”

His voice sounded so bitter, Cassandra felt a bout of bile scalding the back of her throat. The room closed in on her, suddenly too small for the two of them. Swallowing a few times, she said, “I’m sorry to be such a big disappointment to you, Sir. Thank you for informing me of your intentions. If you don’t mind, my patient should be out of the anesthesia; I’d like to see him. Permission to leave, Sir.”

David sighed and, looking down, he brushed her off with a dismissive hand.

Cassandra left the office, closing the door behind her. She rested the back of her head on the door, feeling a sense of relief and anguish at the same time. The excitement she felt hours ago when she first came to the base was short lived. More so, the excitement of possibly seeing David again faded as fast as it came—they’d started on a bad foot even before they had any chance to know each other. To hell with rules . . . I save one’s life and that’s what I get.

4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

11 Feb

Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?

Answer: 4 strawberries dipped in chocolate. No, I’m not on a diet, but all I had to do was to read the review for A World Apart posted on Guilty Indulgence and my hunger was miraculously satisfied. I can’t thank Christy enough for her thorough review (I should ask her if she’d write my blurbs from now on since she’s doing a better job than me).

Here an excerpt of her review:

This story is more about the journey and what life is like for two strong military doctors in a wartime environment.  It takes a while to get into the story and Ms. Skiba’s style of writing.   However, once you do it is hard to put the book down.  Their struggles truly become heart wrenching and it is hard to not want to keep reading to see if it will all work out for them and the characters around them in the end.  This book paints a poignant picture of what life is like in both Iraq and in the neighboring countries.  If you enjoy military pieces then this book will not disappoint.  It is a touching tale of what our military sacrifices each day and that even in wartime love can overcome any obstacle even the stubborn honor of a stubborn couple.

RATING:  I give this one four chocolate dipped strawberries.

If you are hungry for strawberries dipped in chocolate hop on over to the Guilty Indulgence website and help yourself (it’s even better if you bring a glass of champagne). The page has an incredible amount of reviews of all books romance. Who knows, before you leave  their site you’ll figured what’s your next romance read?