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Books To Movies Giveaway Hop

1 Oct
Announcing the Books to Movies Giveaway Hop running from October 2nd to 10th with the winner announcement on October 11th. This hop is hosted by  BookHounds &  I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and features books that have been made into movies or TV shows.   
books to movies hop 2014[1]
I’m so excited about this hop because the movie is coming out only a day after I announce the winner (so, yeah, the lucky winner will have 24 hours to read the book before watching the movie, how cool is that?)
Wait, what? Oh, yeah, I should first tell you what book I’m giving away, right? It is. . . The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks. 
Here the trailer:

For your chance to win all you have to do is LIKE ME on Facebook and leave your answer to the question: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BOOK TURNED TO MOVIE? I loved, loved Safe Heaven also by Nicholas Sparks.

Christmas In July–Blog Hop

21 Jul


Merry Christmas Everyone! I know, I know it’s only July but who doesn’t like another Christmas middle of the year? Here we are for another exciting blog hop organized by Kathy at I’m A Reader Not a Writer and Laurie Here. This hop lasts between 07/22 and 07/31 with my winner announcement on 08/01.

Hop Rule:

Feature a Christmas Book or allow the winner to choose a Christmas book or provide them a gift card to a book store to purchase a Christmas book.

Easy rule, right?

Well, I’m gonna go the extra mile and offer not a book, not a gift card but a  . . .  DVD. I recently watched New Years’ Eve and absolutely loved the movie. If you haven’t watched it I encourage you to do so, you won’t regret it. Besides, Josh Duhamel and Zac Efron plays in it, along with a bunch of Hollywood’s fave actors and actresses.


For your chance to win this DVD ( giveaway US only) all you have  to do is FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL by clicking on the button to the right called “Sign me up!” (atop all images) and leave your answer to the question:

What’s your fave Christmas movie? I go first and say it’s a tie between New Year’s Eve and The Holiday.

Good luck everyone!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

6 Jun

“She has big boobs.”

Say what???

Let me backtrack a little here.

The other day I went along with my son and his girlfriend to see the premiere of the last installment of X-Men (which BTW, was outstanding). The kids went earlier (to catch good seats), leaving my ticket at the customer service.

I guess the lady at the register asked them my name and how I look. My son said, “Her name is Cami and she’s short, dark hair,” then stopped.

To which his girlfriend added and I quote, “And she has big boobs.”

I know all of this because they told me when I got inside the theater.

I laughed. Mind you I don’t have big boobs (just awesome bras, and no they’re not Victoria Secrets), but it also got me thinking: how do people perceive you? Is it the same way you perceive yourself? So I did a little research:

I found out that faculty in our school have a nickname for me (The Great Wall), which obviously has nothing to do with my 5”1’ height but with the fact that I guard our director’s office like a  . . . wall. I take it as a compliment 😉

I see myself pretty much the same way as my friends . . .  short, friendly, loyal, creative, caring, sassy, stubborn, grudge holder. Teresa, my BFF calls me her Rottweiler.

My husband sees me  . . . (I did get him this present from one of my trips to New York; it hangs in his garage as a “friendly” reminder).


My son sees me . . .


My boss sees me . . .

photo (13)

Bottom line is that each individual I come in contact will perceive me in a certain way. And I’m okay with that.

How do you perceive yourself? How do the people around you perceive you? Do you care about their opinion?

LDS Authors Giveaway Hop

11 May

Kathy @ I’m A Reader Not A Writer had another great idea for a blog hop, this time to promote LDS Authors. Her helper today is Lexie @ The Book Bug. Thank you ladies for another great hop!

Since I have quite a few author friends who are LDS Authors I took the opportunity to promote one of them, the lovely and so very talented Sherry Gammon. Sherry’s first novel UNLOVABLE is not just any YA novel. It’s so good she recently closed a movie deal for it. Is that incredible or what?

I will have an interview with Sherry halfway through the giveaway, but until then please enter the form below for a chance to win one paperback AND one e-copy of UNLOVABLE. Have fun!

Act of Valor = Courage

26 Feb

Taking a welcome break from my book tour, my son and I went to watch Act Of Valor. I looked forward to watching it the whole week and it did not disappoint me. It’s an inspiring movie, a glimpse into the world of the brave men and women giving their lives for our country.

According to the lady checking our tickets, only 4 other women came to see the movie. Was this a good or a bad sign? I jumped out of my seat several times. I squeezed my son’s arm until he hurt. I  threw a punch in the air rooting for the heroes accomplishing their missions. And yes, my heart bled in the face of tragedy and loss. To see active-duty Navy SEALs in the heat of the action, all for one and one for all it’s heartfelt and heartbreak at the same time. Real people for real events as well as the military lingo  made the movie authentic and credible.

I’m not going to go into details because words can’t encompass the incredible emotions this movie left me with. It wouldn’t do justice. But I recommend you bring a few tissues–you’ll need them.

Damn few.