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Me Tarzan—You Jane. Why this title?

19 Nov

The simple answer to this question is: because it fits. But I never go for simple and short answers; after all I’m a woman of many words like all other authors.

So, allow me to explain: Me Tarzan—You Jane (New Adult contemporary romance coming out 12/06/2014; available for pre-order now on Amazon) sounds corky and catchy. It’s a famous tagline from the classic movie Tarzan.

The title came to me pretty early in the process of writing the story. From the time I wrote the first scene back in the summer of 2011 until the time I received the final edits from my editor, Me Tarzan—You Jane kept its original title. It received the attention of Sue Grimshaw at Random House who asked for a full manuscript. If until then I had any doubts about the title, that was the decisive moment when I knew my gut instinct was right.

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