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Interview @ Jeffrey Moore’s Blog

11 Mar

It’s a wonderful Sunday morning visiting my dear friend (and critique partner) Jeffrey Moore. I met Jeff three years ago during an online writing class and we’ve been part of each other’s life and writing journey ever since.

Jeffrey has 4 books published, one better than the other, taking readers to alien worlds, time travel and spectacular creatures.  You wonder how two people writing different genres can partner up, but we are the proof of it. To find out what’s our secret, stop by at his blog. We have so much to talk about…

Who’s Your BFF?

9 Mar

I’m today guest blogging @ House Millar, the website of talented paranormal author Aine P. Massie, about friends and what they mean to us.

Back home in Romania we have different words describing the level of friendship with someone. If I want to refer to a person as my best friend, then I say prieten. If it’s an acquaintance then I refer to him/her as an amic/a.

When I moved to the U.S. over eight years ago, I knew no one, except my husband. I was a stay-at-home mom for the first six months and spent a lot of time bored out of my mind, cleaning every day as if a herd of bulls ran down my house on a regular basis. I met a few neighbors, a few of my husband’s co-workers, my husband’s family… but a real friend, a person I could just sit down and chat with, I had no one. For a while my husband’s ex-wife (yeah, you read it correctly, his ex-wife) helped me get around, taking me to a hairdresser, shopping or we would just hang out by the pool. read more