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Winners’ Announcement for iFeel by Marissa Carmel

7 Aug

Hello everyone!
We start this morning with a winners’ announcement. Thank you all who expressed interest in Marissa Carmel’s YA paranormal called iFeel. Just finished the book and I loved it! Will post a review sometime soon. Meanwhile here the 5 lucky winners:

Peggy Hopkins
DeeDee Griffin
Jaime Lynn

Interview with Heven and Sam–Kick Butt Carachters

21 Mar

In preparation for the upcoming Kick-Butt Characters Young Adult Giveaway Hop I asked my dear friend Cambria Hebert to allow me to interview Heven and Sam from her paranormal YA Masquerade. Heven and Sam are both real butt kickers in their own ways and this is why this book is perfect for this hop.

To tell you how I got my hands on this incredible book, at first I was completely drawn by the cover:

Then I read the blurb:

Before. Everything was so much better Before. I wasn’t haunted by nightmares, my place at school was secure and my face was flawless. Now, I’m a freak and everything has changed. The worst part is that I can’t remember the night I was sentenced to the shadows. The memory has been stolen from me and I just can’t shake the feeling that someone, something is out there -watching.

Just when I think I have my life handled, Sam, with his intimidating golden stare and shiver inducing voice, makes me realize that I don’t know anything. He makes me see that my scars don’t matter. That they never mattered. I can’t help but fall for him, completely unknowing that he knows exactly how I got this way. Not knowing he was involved.


Heven has no idea how closely death stalks her. She has no idea what I have done to keep her alive. I fear the day she learns my secrets, finds out what I really am. But even then I cannot stop, I vow to make things right. Finally her hunter will be hunted, Heaven and Hell, faith and sin will battle, and we will be victorious. But first, Heven must learn to be what she never imagined. I know her strength is there – I feel it. If we are to overcome all odds, she must push past her flaws – her frailties – to become much more.

Then I read excerpts. And I had to have it.

Without further delay, I give you… Heven and Sam:

Me: I’m so thrilled you two stopped by. I hope people will fall in love with you as much as I did. Heven, you have gone through quite a lot starting with an accident that left your face disfigured. An accident that you cannot remember. When you were in the hospital what did you do to keep busy?

Heven: When I first woke up, I was in a lot of pain and the nurses and doctor kept me on pain medicine that made me a little loopy. But after a few days I didn’t need as much medicine and left a lot of time to think … and wonder. My mom, the doctor, my friends … they would all ask what happened but I didn’t know. A lot of my “friends” never came back. But Kimber did. She would bring fashion magazines and nail polish and she would paint my toes with crazy colors. Cole came to see me too and when he came he brought cards and we would play crazy eights.

How did you deal with the new face in the mirror? Did you feel different?

Heven:  Well, it wasn’t easy. It was the hardest thing I ever went through. I definitely feel different now than before my accident.  I don’t think I will ever be the same again. When I got home from the hospital I was still in pain and I basically just hid at home and I never looked in the mirror because it was easier not to face what happened. But then school started again and I had to leave the house. People would whisper and there were all these rumors about what really happened that day. That really hurt me because those people used to be my friends.  But the more time went by I realized that I am not my scars. I don’t have to be that scared girl who looks over her shoulder and who hides from a mirror. I won’t ever be who I was but the new me can be even better.

Between the time of your attack and finding Sam did you ever lose hope in ever finding love?

*Heven smiles and looks at Sam.*  Heven: After my attack I hadn’t hoped for love. I didn’t think it was in the cards for me. Yeah, I thought that my looks would scare all the guys off but I also knew how unhappy I was and no one would want to be with someone who was so unhappy. You know?

Sam: I never see Heven’s scars when I look at her. To me she’s beautiful.

Sam, you are certainly a strong character with many abilities. Care to share what a few of those abilities are?

Sam: Well, I am a really good swimmer and I can stay beneath the water for a really, really long time. I can run really fast, fire has no effect on me and I am really strong.

Care to tell us what exactly … ummm … how you have these abilities?

Sam: Nope. Read the book. *Grins*

Does having these abilities make your life easier or harder?

Sam: Well, they are cool to have but really they have been a lot of trouble. I don’t have a good relationship with my family and it’s really hard to be close to anyone because most people think of me as a freak. Most people are scared of me. *turns to look at Heven* But being who I am is what brought me to Heven and that makes it all worth it.

Do you think that having these abilities makes you a hero?

Sam: I am definitely no hero. I have faults and weaknesses like everyone else. *clears throat* I have done things I am not proud of and I have to live with those things. But to be honest, a lot of those things I felt I had to do, for certain reasons, but my intentions were never bad even if the actions were.

Heven, do you think of yourself as a hero?

Heven: Heck no!! *laughs* But I DO hope that I can maybe be an inspiration to people who might have to deal with the things I have–you know, looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. I just hope that people can maybe learn from everything I have been through and the next time they look in the mirror they see that what’s on the inside is wayyyyy more important than what’s on the outside.

Awesome. Sam? I hear you have a great love for Bubble Tea. What the heck is Bubble Tea?

*laughs* It’s tea mixed with cream and flavoring and it can be served hot or cold – I like mine cold, like a milkshake – and it has extra large tapioca balls at the bottom of it. They taste like gummy bears and the drink has to have a really wide straw so the “bubbles” can get up into your mouth. My favorite flavor is chocolate. Heven’s is strawberry.

Heven: Before I met Sam I drank coffee. *laughs*

So before we close this interview tell me one thing about each other that no one else knows:

Heven:  His socks never match. *laughs*

Sam:  She’s a terrible driver. I once let her drive my truck and I feared for my life the whole time.

Heven: Hey!! I’m a great driver!

*Sam shakes head and rolls eyes*

Well that will do it for the interview. Thanks to Heven and Sam for being here today. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow afternoon and enter to win an Ecopy of Masquerade. Heven and Sam brought TWO copies with them so there will be TWO winners.

See you tomorrow!