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I write. I love. I dream. I write.

12 Feb

My interview for the Phoenix Magazine February edition is not random. Nor is the subject; romance writing. Why romance?

photo 1

Well, it’s simple; I’m a sucker for all things romance. For as long as I remember I’ve been in love. Starting with kindergarten and the boy with blond curls who took my hand each morning I enter the class, crying for my mommy, and ending with my hubby who stole my heart many years ago and still refuses to give it back.

I write romance because love is the universal language uniting two hearts regardless of their background, color, age, religion. Love conquers all. And since February is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day the article comes at the right time to shed light into writing romance and what it takes to publish in today’s fast-paced industry and the era of electronic books.

I won’t lie;  when I met Brian Goddard, the art director for the photo session I was a nerve-wreck. But Brian is a pro; he talked art–my kind of language, and soon I was comfortable enough and loosen up a little to even laugh. My son Patrick was there (to cheer me up, of course). I remember the exact moment when Brian took this photo because I was looking at Patrick, and I love it!

photo 3

At the end of the session Brian asked if I were okay reading a snippet from A World Apart, one of my books. In front of the camera. Say what??? My heartbeat became erratic, my palms clammy. “Can you do this?” Brian asked.

“Sure, why not?” I said, trying to sound as if I’ve done it a million times. The truth is no one ever heard me reading from my books (I’m very aware of my accent). The reading is posted on the Phoenix Magazine’s youtube channel for everyone to see it.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!